Note: As of December 2016 the Minecraft Forum Server List IP address will change from to, if your server is configured to use a whitelist of IP addresses please add to your whitelist to ensure no service interuption. Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

What is the Minecraft Forum Server List?

The Minecraft Forum Server List is the place for Minecraft players to find the best Minecraft Servers, and the place for Minecraft Server operators to find the best players. There's a wealth of ways to find your new Minecraft home, search by Popularity, Country, Tags and more. Want mcMMO servers? We've got them! Creative, Pixelmon, Feed The Beast? Those too, and many more. Hover your mouse over "Other" at the top of the server list for a drop down full of filtering options.

If you run a Minecraft server adding your server couldn't be easier! Click Add Server from the Server List homepage and follow the instructions. If you're looking for even more exposure for your server then check out the Featured Server Auction system for more information on how you can reach even more of our millions of Minecraft Players!

The Minecraft Forum Server List is the successor to the now defunct website.

Browsing the Server List

What are Featured Servers?

Featured servers are servers that have won an auction to be featured on the site. Featured servers are displayed on the Minecraft Forum homepage, at the top of the server list and below forum posts. If you're interested in learning more about how the auction process works click here.

How do I vote?

Visit the servers page on the Minecraft Forum Server List and click the green vote button, you'll be taken to the vote page for the server, from there you can submit your vote, if the server has Votifier enabled you'll be asked to enter your Minecraft username so that the server can be notified that you have voted. You can vote once per day per server, and voting every day is a great way to help increase the rank of your favourite server(s).

How are servers ranked?

Servers are ranked based on the number of votes, the more votes a server has the higher it will rank in our list. The featured server widgets are ordered based on each servers final position in the auction, votes do not impact the featured server list.

Finding a server

At the top of the server list you'll see a search box, from here you can search based on a servers title, plugins and tags. If alternatively you'd like to see a list of all the available search options for you to filter by, then at the top right of the list hover over "Other" and then from there select your filtering criteria. You can pick from tags, plugins, Minecraft version, country and age rating. If you'd like to suggest a new plugin or tag please submit them via this form.

Listing your server

Adding your server

Adding a server to the list is a straight forward automated process which requires administrative access to your server. Fill out the information on the Add Server page and once you've confirmed your server can be queried using the "Test Connection" button you need to update your servers MOTD. The MOTD is either set in your file or with some hosts (such as MCProHosting) it is set via your Control Panel. After you have set your MOTD you'll need to restart your server, once your server has been restarted click "Continue" and if all is well your server will be added to the list.

Once your server is added to the list you'll be taken to a page where you can add optional information, including a description, tags, plugins and upload a banner! Although this information is optional, we encourage every server operator to fill out their entry completely as this will help more Minecraft players find your server, and encourage those that do find it to join!

After your server has been added to the list you can remove the code from your MOTD, the server will remain assigned to your account forever, unless your server changes hostname or IP.

If you are unable to change your MOTD (because of your network architecture for example) please Contact Us and we can use an alternate method of administrator verification.

Editing your server

If you're logged into the account that your server is assigned to you'll see a green "Edit" button at the top of the listing. You can access all of your listed servers from anywhere on the site by clicking "My Servers" in the profile drop down at the top right of the website.

Featuring your server

Every 2 weeks an auction takes place to fill the "Featured Servers" positions across the website, servers that take part in our auctions can see their server promoted to over 6 MILLION unique Minecraft players, with server banners display on the Minecraft Forum homepage, inside forum threads and at the top of the server list.

Learn more about featuring your server here →

Frequently Experienced Problems

Votes reset

To ensure that our list always remains fresh votes are reset on the 1st of every month. An all time vote count can be found on each servers listing.

Connection Problems

To check if your server is online we need to be able to send requests to it, these requests are made from a server with the IP (note: this IP address will change in December 2016, please see the notice at the top of this page and add both IP addresses to your whitelist). If your server is behind a firewall you may need to whitelist this IP to ensure that we can successfully query your server. Some Minecraft server hosts run firewalls on their systems that individual server owners can't control, if you're experiencing querying problems and don't host your own server please contact your server host to ensure that they aren't blocking our requests, and if they are ask them to whitelist (note: this IP address will change in December 2016, please see the notice at the top of this page and add both IP addresses to your whitelist).

If you are receiving "Failed" after using the Test Connection option and your server uses multiple nodes to load balance players please contact us via Curse Support or email [email protected]

Players aren't listed

Your server must be configured to allow third party queries to receive information on who is online on your server. First ensure that your server-port and query.port match, then set enable-query=true in your file (or via your hosts Control Panel if you don't have access to your After editing your you will need to restart your server and wait a couple of minutes.

As with Whitelisting our IP it's possible that your host may have a firewall in place that prevents this feature from working, if you have correctly configured your server and the player list still isn't showing please contact your host and ask them to allow UDP traffic to your query port.

Server removed (or modified)

If the content of your listing violates any of the server list rules we will either modify it or remove your listing and notify you that this has happened.

Server List Rules

The Minecraft Forum Rules apply to the Server List, as do the following Server List specific rules:

  • Server banners must not imitate site functions or flash
  • Server details must be accurate, this includes player counts
  • Servers must maintain a minimum of 50% uptime
  • Servers must be publicly accessible or include information on how to apply for the whitelist
  • Servers must be not use cracked copies of the Minecraft server, they must be in online mode
  • Changing the server advertised in a list entry is not allowed without prior permission from the site administrators

How to get help

Helpful support is available via email, send an email to [email protected] and we'll get back to you ASAP!