Good Gaming Minecraft Network - Survival, OP Prison, Kit PvP, Custom, Modded


[1.8 - 1.9 - 1.10 - 1.11] Server IP: MC.Good-Gaming.Com
Pixelmon Soon!


Good Gaming Hub Server


Good Gaming, better known as GG, has started a fresh new Minecraft network looking for mature gamers like you! Our Minecraft server comprises a small team of friendly and interactive staff dedicated to developing a Minecraft experience players of all ages can enjoy together. If you're looking for a high quality, fresh new journey in Minecraft, Good Gaming is for you!


Dedicated Hardware & Network specs:

  • Server grade Intel Xeon E3 processor for optimized handling of multiple Minecraft instances.
  • 32 GB RAM
  • SSD data storage and backup
  • 1 Gbps network port
  • DDoS protected
  • Professionally configured anti-cheat software


Good Gaming Survival


Looking for a chill, new, 1.10 Survival map to play on? Combined with our high-end server, there's no better place to play. Featuring:


    • Land protection! Rest easy knowing your creations are protected with a simple command: /claim [blocks]
      • The amount of blocks you can claim is always on display in the sidebar. Simply type /claim [# of blocks]and our system will handle the rest!
      • Acquire more block protection using our super light economy! One vote for Good Gaming can earn you as much as +200 blocks of protection!
      • A quick right click on your land with a stick will toggle the particle border:


  • Super light economy: Only convenience-based perks such as more set homes and land protection. NO item buying!
  • The 10,000 x 10,000 Overworld is pre-loaded onto our solid-state drive to further ensure a lag-free environment.

Good Gaming OP Sky Block


Good old Sky Block, gone OP! Join in, start an island, and experience a new breed of Sky Block. Twerk to grow trees, open crates with OP enchants & MCMMO levels, acquire ore from cobblestone generators, and even mob spawners that introduce custom mob drops (like diamonds for killing Ghasts)! Increase your island level as you progress through the game and complete various challenges to dominate the leaderboards and cement yourself as the best!


  • Kits - Over 20 unlockable kits that contain OP gear & blocks to enhance the SkyBlock experience.
  • MCMMO - The famous RPG lover's mod has a place on SkyBlock, introducing a slew of new skills and gameplay elements.
  • Spawners - Over 16 different mob spawners can be acquired through crates and our extensive in-game item shop!
  • Custom mob drops - Ghasts drop diamonds, creepers drop iron, chickens drop nuggets, cows give extra XP, and more!
  • Crates - Seven different crates containing rewards of increasing rarity such as MCMMO levels, cash (SBGGs), kits, spawners, and more!
  • Item Shop - Featuring a fabulous in-game item shop to buy/sell a ton of different blocks, drops, and spawners.
  • Leaderboards - As with all of our games, we have a leaderboards system for many different gameplay aspects. Now with island levels!


GG OP Prison


Our OP Prison is a professionally coded game that I like to believe has a lot more structure to it than other OP Prison servers. While we do have a lot of features and insane mining capabilities, our OP Prison isn't over-saturated with plugins and features that make no sense in Prison. If you're looking for a more mature and goal-oriented Prison server, come give us a shot. Full features:



Our Starter diamond pickaxe is indeed OP - Come try it out to see just how insane this thing really feels.

  • Multiformer - Your pickaxe will transform into an axe, a shovel, or even a sword depending on what you are swinging at!
  • Efficiency 25 - We've done all the enchantment math to ensure efficiency levels are always useful.
  • Fortune 15 - Using a custom fortune formula!
  • +3 more custom enchants (on the base pick alone!)
  • Fly is enabled throughout all of our 35 unique, large Prison mines. "/rankup" to buy your way into the next mine.
  • 25 Prestiges - Each prestige grants 3 legendary keys and 50k eCoins, plus prestige specific awards such as creative plots at 15, and the ultimate "Legends" rank at 25!

Additonal Features:

  • /mine: This command will automagically teleport you to your highest ranked mine - Simple and easy, no more long boring /warp F.
  • /mines: Check the worth of blocks, cost to rankup, and teleport to any unlocked mine via the mines GUI!
  • HUGE plots & shop system - Customize a 100x100 plot with a variety of the 35 different blocks we offer in our mines. Creative mode unlockable!
  • Crates - Seven different rarities. Keys have a random drop chance while playing.


GG Kit PvP


BETA! Some of the features below are intended but have not yet been implemented.

Think you've got what it takes to play competitive Minecraft? The GG Kit PvP server (appropriately named "VS") is dedicated to becoming the ultimate PvP training and competition platform for Minecraft PvP'ers. Full features:


  • Badlion-esque PvP and kits with a full elo rating system.
  • Elo based weekly & seasonal tournaments to recognize the best PvP'ers in Minecraft.
  • 24/7 FFA always going on right below the spawn point with up-gradable kits.
  • Comprehensive teaming and dueling system


GG Sky Factory 2.5


Welcome the first modded server to enter the GG family: Sky Factory 2.5! If you're not familiar with Sky Factory, it's a Feed The Beast/Curse modpack that introduces over 6000 new items and mods to the classic "Skyblock" game mode. Drop those puny Skyblocks and upgrade to Sky Factory! Full features:



GG Membership


While our server is open to the public, you can apply for our Member rank to receive an in-game title that shows you're a trusted member of our community. The rank will also grant first-access to any new features requiring play testing.


Bonus: Use /member on OP SkyBlock/Prison to receive a random key every 48 hours!


Membership Form




Why you want to join:


We would also like to see more active users in our community! We'd love if you'd join our discord (at the top of this post), and register on Good Gaming, which expands beyond Minecraft as an e-sports platform for tournaments and gaming related content.


Be on the lookout for more games as we grow and take in suggestions. We plan to host Pixelmon, Skywars variations, custom arcade games, and even RPG games in Minecraft! Hope to see you soon!

~ Fluxty, Head Admin

Owner Fluxty
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.8.8
Platform Desktop
Tags Factions Prison Skyblock
Plugins Essentials mcMMO Land Claim / Plots BungeeCord Grief Prevention