Hopeless Adventures


Sever Name: Hopeless Adventures
Sever Location: Bristol, United Kingdom
Sever Address: or hopelessadventures.nitrous.it
Discord Server: Active: Ask a member for an invite
Subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/HopelessAdventures/

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/AWs9i


  • Admin: Yuudye / thefinalrune
  • Server is 1.10 ready and in effect
  • There’s a strict 18+ rule in place, there are no exceptions to this rule apart from extreme cases, we feel in the interest of our mature community we often don't find it appropriate to have younger members. Under 18 applicants should apply with an extremely well written application and will be screened prior to whitelisting.
  • All members go through a trial period to determine activity, maturity - and generally how well you fit in with the community.
  • There is a no griefing policy in place, punishment will be an immediate permanent ban - thefts are included in this definition, offenders will have their IGN's and UID posted onto online banlists for the protection of other servers.
  • As there is no world border in place – there is a no-building rule off the edge of the map over the void.
  • The server is WHITELIST protected, successful applicants will be added.
  • We like to expect a certain degree of activity from members, although done fairly - if someone to to disappear for a longer period of time unannounced, their uncompleted projects will be rolled back in effort to open space for someone else. However completed projects remain, if a member is to notify me before a long period of absence, their projects will remain untouched.



  • We use a discord server - feel free to contact me for an invite
  • This map is CUSTOM built in worldpainter over the period of around 6 months. This is not a vanilla map, this has been handmade block by block. All structures, dungeons, villages, biomes, trees and landscapes are not typical of traditional minecraft. It would be more appropriate to compare it to earth like terrain, we have canyons, volcanoes, and mountain ranges.
  • A detailed map of the world can be found here:http://thefinalrune.deviantart.com/art/Hopeless-Adventures-576032757/
  • Most recent world render: http://thefinalrune.deviantart.com/art/HopelessAdventures-June2016-617124697
  • Coming soon: As the mapmaker builds more maps we will be linking these up to the main world as additional content, these maps are much smaller and built around a single theme, one map will be a collection of sky islands, one is a nether world, et cetera et cetera, these will be added in in due time for you to explore and build in!
  • We have started monthly building competitions - in an urge to fill some of the empty space on the map, and encourage creativity - we now have a competition running monthly to build something to fit a specification. Winners will be voted from among ourselves and will receive prizes accordingly!

How to apply:
Post a small bio about yourself, and an answer to each of the following questions, if you have any questions or queries you are very welcome to ask!

Age / In game username
Tell me about yourself!
What do you enjoy in minecraft?
How do you spend your time on a minecraft server?
What can you contribute to our server?

For fastest reply and approval submit application to: u/Yuudye over on reddit.


Owner thefinalrune
Website http://www.reddit.com/r/HopelessAdventures/
Content Rating 18+
Version 1.10
Platform Desktop
Tags PvE Survival Whitelist
Plugins CoreProtect Multi World