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Custom Plugins! Unique Items! RPG style leveling! Monsters that level! Bosses! Faceland Ultimate RPG/Survival has everything you'd ever want in a RPG or survival server! You can leave spawn and start building anywhere, and right from the start you can easily acquire a few items with powerful stats such as lifesteal and lightning damage! Faceland has a completely custom combat system not found anywhere else! As you level up, you'll gain levelpoints you can use to make yourself even stronger, but the progression doesn't stop there! As you get farther from spawn, the monsters grow stronger, and drop even better loot! You can upgrade items with scrolls, socket gems, and enchantment tomes - and rarely are any two items alike!

NOTE: This is a no grief/raid server. We do not offer things like $5 unbans. Play nice! ;D


The resource pack is Pixel Perfection by the way!

Custom Leveling Plugin
As you kill monsters and gain experience, you level up and can spend levelup points on 8 attributes that can do anything from boosting your damage, increasing the amount you regenerate, and increasing your movement speed!

Custom Stats Plugin
You can alter your stats to give you an edge in combat! Choose from a huge variety of stats such as Lifesteal, Lightning Damage, Snare Chance, and Critical Rate! These stats can be raised by spending levelup points, and by equipping items!

Custom Drops Plugin
All monsters drop powerful loot to enhance your character! The farther you go from spawn, the better the loot that drops! There are dozens of tiers of drops, all randomly generated, plus many Unique items with special abilities you can trigger to do all sorts of neat things in combat!

Custom Monsters Plugin
Beware! As the drops increase, so does the strength of the monsters! The farther out you go, the faster, stronger, and tougher the monsters become! Once you get to level 50 monsters, their health can exceed 100 hearts! Hopefully you got some nice gear and leveled up a bit before deciding to fight them!

Now there are quests on Faceland! Journey to far away places to fight surprising enemies and discover hidden secrets, or just do daily quests for money!






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