The CraftersDimension - 24/7

The CraftersDimension is a vanilla Minecraft server made to embrace the original playstyle of the game, in a relaxed way and with a friendly bunch of other players.

Our server is mostly a community-based server, looking for the most dedicated Minecrafters out there. We try to keep the playstyle on our server as vanilla as possible, this means that no one is allowed to tp, or use any hacks for their own advantage. Even our staff is not allowed to enter creative mode or tp, unless it’s to help out players with staff business, like rolling back a grief.



- 24/7

- World border: NONE

- Tp/Tpa: OFF

- Firespread: ON

- TNT damage: ON

- Creeper damage: ON

- Difficulty: HARD

- PVP: ON*                                                                             * Only for friendly use. You can’t kill others without their permission.

- Hacks/Cheats: Not allowed

- Griefing: Not allowed

- Rollback plugins are installed, to ensure safety for people’s builds. 


The CraftersDimension is looking for the most dedicated players out there.

We prefer people who stick around a long time and don’t just get bored after getting everything they want. We are looking for the kind of player who always finds new challenges, or thinks of new structures to build.


For an impression of the server, watch the videos below.

To get building permissions on our server, please click the link below.





Want to get building permissions? Please visit our website!




Connect to the IP:



See you in game!


Owner LuccieStudio
Website http://www.craftersdimension.nu
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.12
Platform Desktop
Tags PvP Survival Vanilla Whitelist Adventure
Plugins Grief Prevention