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If it says "0 players online", then that is most likely false as we use a plugin called ServerListPlus which messes this up. If you don't believe us, then come on and join, or check the other voting links to see that there are players online!


Server Information:

Gonfonix Survival is a Minecraft Server running Paper Spigot 1.12 with Raiding, Griefing, PVP, TPA, the ability to Set Home, a 500,000x500,000 map, and many more! Join our server today to get the survival experience you've been craving for. We welcome you on our server so come check us out!. We also have a fully functional forum site:

Voting Information

On our server, you can vote on five different sites to earn up to 25 Coins! Coins are used to use /tpa, set your home, and to buy items within the shop. Also you can sell items within the shop to buy goods. Items on the shop can be expensive but this is because it is easy to get 700 Coins pretty quick. Voters all receive a voting rank depending on how many votes they have made (10 being the first).

Voting links:
- Planet Minecraft
- Minecraft-MP
- Minecraft-Server-List
- Minecraft

Donating Information

Rank Supporter receives all the items available from Voting Rank I and II, plus a custom prefix and rank color in the tab.

Rank Donor receive all items available in the highest voting rank and a custom tab name as well as the ability to change their prefix (but keep it appropriate - this includes not taking staff tags)! They also receive a custom name color and the ability to TP away from Spawn (100k blocks) every 30 minutes.



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