[1.12] [24/7] PC Gamer US

A vanilla survival server started by PC Gamer Magazine and maintained with the Spigot server software -- currently updated to 1.12!

We've got a basic economy plugin, homes, personally toggleable PvP, grief protection, deadbolt, and a handful of other plugins designed either to be small enough that they're unnoticeable if you don't want to use them or just large enough to allow staff to help you have the most vanilla survival experience possible.

Ignore the status icon below, the server's always up and running, save for scheduled restarts to clear lag. This site just occasionally decides to update the status in the middle of a restart.

Address pcgmcus.com
Owner digitalshadowhawk
Website http://pcgmcus.com/
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.12
Platform Desktop
Tags Economy Survival Vanilla
Plugins Essentials Server Signs Grief Prevention