MARCH 18, 2018

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** Server Name: Crafted Serenity

* Server location: New York

* Website:

* IP Address:

* Game Play: [Survival][Skyblock]

* About us: Crafted Serenity has run since March 1st 2016. The year 2018 brought new things Releasing a Server Network otherwise now know as the CSMC Network. The Survival Server remains the same with a great track record of grief prevention, customer service, reliability and uptime. We are incredibly community based the greatest attraction of the server is the friends you will make. We offer a main survival map, with plugins to ensure that our players are able to build without the presence of griefers. We have many addons such as MCMMO, Jobs, Towny, Grief Prevention, ChestShops, Quests, Lottery, And Other Fun Events We recently released A Server Network. We now host Skyblock as well. We support peaceful servers. There is so much to do either on Skyblock or Survival so choose your path wisely Crafted Serenity Server is one of the best community based server where you are welcome to share your stories here with others to those who are willing to listen. Very happy and open community which allows successful stress relief and a way out of reality for a period of time. CS Survival staff are dedicated to support all players and how they are truly feeling a very unique experience and allows you to truly feel free to creating your own Minecraft world and relieve all that stress from school, work or anything else. 

* Rules for Survival Server: Please handle yourself as a responsible player handling your interactions with others both on the server and in the community at large. Pestering people for powers is quite perturbing and patently preposterous, please. Easiest way to get banned is to pour lava on someones house. This is not a pvp server. All actions are logged. Do not steal, destroy, or otherwise grief. 

* Mods: We have a team of mods to help new players get situated and with powers to help anyone who has been griefed. However their powers dont allow for upsetting the survival balance i.e. Item spawning, free teleportation, etc.

Owner Vestle
Location CANADA
Content Rating All-ages
Version Other
Platform Desktop
Tags Economy McMMO PvE Skyblock Survival
Plugins Chest Shop mcMMO Server Signs Land Claim / Plots Grief Prevention