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Modern Human

Following the many years of interbreeding between races in Tsiyon and other areas of the world the human race consists of a mixture of Meroei, Eusebian, Endol and Chunel. Descended from the shipwrecked crew of Element 5 sent to scout the western hemisphere they (after a great struggle) founded the city of Alaris which was to become the birthplace of the Modern Human Empire. Following the growth of the city they spread north to found Northreach and eventually Meropis where they have built an empire to span much of the western world.

However, as the empire grew it had become bloated and many of it’s citizens consistently suffered a gradually worse life year by year. Due to this, several renegade elements attacked the capital taking out the last steward of the empire sending the near by lands into chaos.


The mighty Orc empire that sprawls the Underhave a unique history among the races of Solinia. Born at the start of the cataclsym this race has never been outside of of war since their conception. Highly tactical, brutal warriors and forever conquerers.

Legends have it that Lord Erebus , a noble of the early Proto Humans, fled for the Underat the cusp of theCataclysmand was charged with his life for his people to pass through the gates of Id-Kura. Agreeing, they safely passed under the great gate and into the Underwhere they remained for millenia. When the cataclysm had finally ended, the proto humans made their way to the surface to find themselves charged once more by The Titan to pass through. As is dictated by the code of the great gate, they were presented with their challenge. There lay in front of them their beloved ruler now a twisted image of himself and with dominion over endless armies of similarly savage and dangerous beasts he named Orc.
The battle was fierce and lasted weeks, the Orcs never tiring and the proto-humans suffering endless losses. It was not until a skilled archer by the name of Sheia Kandam entered the battle did the tides did turn. For Sheia’s arrows were poisoned tipped with under mold and orcs became weakened and struggled to fight the effects.Erebuswas never truly defeated that day, but weakened enough for their people to escape the Under and flee Kandam to make their new home. The Eusebianpeople of Alcorstill honour this great battle to this day and hold festivals to mark the day they fled the Under.

It is said that Erebusstill tramples the Under , crushing the many races that come before him and his orc armies endlessly seeking those who escaped him.

Half Dragons

A western hemisphere race originally created by the storm dragon Python as slaves to be used in his final attack on the Dragon homeland of Valum Vaton. After Pythonwas slain by Sigurdand the Ancient Dragon Asag it was declared, during the Treaty of Fire , that the half dragon slaves were to be freed immediately and given full autonomy. The fallen nations that had been subjugated by Pythonand his armies were handed over to this newly freed race to create a land of freedom and were figureheads for the end of all forms of slavery.

Led by Summus Rex Votan this new nation were promised by Asagthat they shall forever be own a debt by the dragons that can be called upon at any time. It is not known if this debt was ever claimed as records of the half dragon civilisations have only been discovered in a few ruined archaelogical sites around the world.

High Elves

This western hemisphere race originally descended from the Vishim , an ancient eastern elven race. Once a holy vishim order in the city of Alaris, the High Elves have become a noble and virtuous race seeking only to honour their gods. Their fanatical devotion has led them to discover all manners of new magic (which they are reluctant to share with non-believers, even their elven cousins) and their knights have been known to rival even the many paladin orders of Tsiyon .

Some consider the High Elves to be uppity and snooty but some of the more scholarly races such as the High Humans find their logical and determined mindset to be an appropriate modern trait.

Wood Elf

Following the construction of the city of Alaris , the Vishim survivors of Element 5 spent much of their time continuing old traditions from the eastern lands. During this period a subsect of the Vishimspent more and more time amongst the Eusebiansurvivors and created a community in reverence of the gods of nature.

The Wood Elves are naturally skilled in ranged combat and in close quarters with light weapons – they respect all things nature and take great care to ensure the safety of the creatures and the forests they call their home. They have given up the city life their Vishim descendents gave them in Ravenholmeand now favour living in and sometimes above the trees of their beloved forests.

Since the Vishimrace began to branch off into Wood Elf and High Elf their differences have become ever more increasing although they still remain brethren to each other. Some might say however that the High Elves still look down on their lesser civilised cousins.


The Vampires of the Western Hemisphere are the original descendents of the Mysmaalrace. Sometime, many thousands of years ago, there was a civil war and some fled to the Eastern Continents to escape the war and build an empire of their own. The Vampires that remained were devestated – centuries of war thinned their numbers and most of the original houses were destroyed in feral combat all over the Western Hemisphere.

Vampires that remain to this day in the west are a rare sight and if another race has the misfortune of stumbling upon them they are either used to feed the nest or held as slaves, similar to the fate of the Dark Elves.

The name Mysmaal is believed to have it’s origins based on a tower named Mysmaon the continent of Alcorwhich may or may not have originally been constructed by the Vampires themselves.
The Mysmaalare extremely dangerous, mysterious and extremely knowledgable in all forms of combat and magic and it is believed even Hiran Asura avoided them during the days of the Cataclysm. Mysmaal seem to prefer night time and a rumour has sometimes stated they are unable to walk in the sun. This is incorrect however.

Half Elf

The term Half Elf is a relatively new term for the people of Alcor , most of their existence they have been known as the Eusebian’sand they have a rich and sometimes bloody history almost as much as their pure human counterparts. Despite being half elf and half human, they are infact neither descendents of the Elves or Human races we know today. The Half Elf blood line instead predates both of the Vishim and Moroei counterparts and even dates back to the Mythological Age .
The Half Elves that are alive today that are of pure blood can trace their routes through the continent of Alcor , where their race emerged from The Under following the cataclysm caused by Hiran Asura . They had waited for almost an age in the dark depths until it was safe to return to the surface. It was then that the Half Elves expanded rapidly and entered what some might describe as a golden age. They constructed the magnificent marble city of Eusebeswhich became a central hub of art and culture across the southern hemisphere but as all things it eventually crumbled segmenting the people into five tribes.
The new tribes that grew out of this event include the Kandamese, Meropii and Kitezhan. During this time the tribes experienced relative peace amongst each other, respecting each others differences as they always had during the time of Eusebes. However, on the crowning of Kandamese Holy Emperor Dravidian, Kitezhan was eventually invaded by the Kandamese people and, despite the efforts of the Meropii tribe to protect the Kitezhan’s, it eventually fell, remaining to this day as under ground ruins inhabited by the remnents of the Kandamese forces.

To make matters worse all of the five tribes found themselves frequently in skirmishes with the resident Mysmaalof Alcor. To deal with this threat, the first Vampire Hunter Guilds ever to grace Solinia were created who took an oath to remain neutral to the tribes and specialised in battling undead and vampire menace.

To this day, the Meropii remain under assault from the Kandamese forces at their city of Old Meropis on the western corners of the continent of Alcorand have so far experienced success in their defensive strategy thanks to an alliance of sorts with the creatures that inhabit the forests to the south of their borders
Those that did not remain on Alcorfound their way to Tsiyon, the multicultral capital of Halcron where they remained in peace mostly among the humans and other races. It was a small group of these Half Elves that eventually made the journey across the ocean to the Western Continents (and eventually to Kumari ) under the banner of the Element Expeditionary Force where they eventually influenced the survivors to create the Kingdoms of New Meropis.


The Lizardmen of the Western Continents can trace their roots to the East on the continent of Acacia .
Something unusual happened on this island many thousands of years ago that raised the entire western portion of the land and scorched the once wild forests that covered it. During this time, the Lidkim, the elder name of the Lizardmen speak of a curse that tainted their kin and transformed them into cannibals which resulted in the the total annihilation of their capital Chelthix.
Fortunately for the remaining sane Lidkim, the Vishim (Elves), who had recently become a seafaring race, arrived and formed a partial alliance with them in agreement for land on the eastern shore to study the architecture and gather resources.

The Vishim soon established the city of Braemar and eventually the fort of Fiongate that some Lidkim use as temporary housing although most prefer to stay in the lost capital of Chelthix which they hope to one day rebuild if they can finally rid the land of the Zunak.

Due to relations with the Vishim , some Lidkim escaped to Tsiyon where a handful signed up to join the Element Expeditionary Force leading them far to the Western Island sand eventually partook in the founding of the Kingdoms of New Meropis .

Dark Elf

The Dark Elf race is somewhat surrounded in mystery, but those that have delved into ancient Mysmaallore have uncovered the truth of the origins of this race. It is not clear exactly how or when but it is certain the Mysmaal captured and tortured several Vishimduring a midnight raid on the city of Alaris.
What followed was almost a decade of deformation and twisting of the Vishimprisoners in the persuit of creating an obedient mysmaalian slave – several of the Vishim died in the process but two were strong enough to survive and were bred, over many generations as servants, guardians and for even darker duties.
However, due to the kidnappings a Meroeiby the name of Elarok Lightbringer (a daughter of one of the victims) finally uncovered the Mysmaal nest and slayed it’s overfiend, Count Sythik D’Mirax who was promptly beheaded and quartered. Following the death of Sythik, the Vishimabominations finally became free and self aware and they butchered all remaining Mysmaal and even their rescuers.
The Mysmaalnest has since become a bastion of darkness and power of this newly born race who, despite their Vishimand Mysmaalian origins feel they have become elevated far above both. They fear nothing and are brutally dangerous in combat and exceptionally skilled with dark and light magic and solely worship the diety of hate and betrayal, Deuzulus.


Angels have been the subject of myths among the modern races of Soliniafor countless aeons. Some believe they are holy beings and pay homage to them in various religious texts and others say they are merely stories told to give people hope and strength in times of turmoil.
The fact of the matter is that the Angels are alive and well and have been so for longer than any other race on Solinia, they are descended from the Tinai and are spoken of in the Ancient Texts surrounding the horrific events that took place during the Cataclysm.
The (very) ancient Genesis story provides more information about this fabled race who have returned to bring their god Methabeht back to Solinia.


Centuries ago when the Vishimheld their seat of power in Caer’Bedion on Asgarad , they had spoken of a barbaric race that shared traits similar to the Ancient Humans . They lived in the village of Faen Dan on the northern cliffs of Winters Deepfor as long as any of the Vishimcan remember and were a peaceful people who had simple lives and were furious fighters. They held equillibrium with the wildlife around them, tamed wolves and fed off the gargantuan mammoths that stomped the great plains.
At some point, this race must have made their way over the western hemisphere as several tribes have been spotted among the many island chains. They are led by Cheiftans and are weary of outsiders but do not engage in open warefare unless provoked. Despite their simple lives this race should not be trifled with.


The Dwarves of Kumarican trace their descendents, the Eiao , back to the land of Asgaradfar to the East and are known to worship the dieties of Gias and Tisroeh. They have extremely long beards and love to drink but they are most commonly found deep underground smithing, constructing marvelous devices and seeking fantastic gems and rare stones for their creations. They adore stonework and some of the creations by the Dwarves rival even the most artistic of races on Solinia.
The Eiaoand modern Dwarves are known for their stubbornous and dislike for outsiders. They are easily drawn into battle but be weary, they are not to be underestimated, even due to their somewhat short size.
The Dwarves were instumental in the creation of The Vartouhi Mineshaft and are known for their mysterious language Deep Speech. They favour mushrooms and wild meats and are usually seen carrying large hammers almost twice their size. Sadly the Dwarves are not known for keeping records of their own history but what can be found is located in the most ancient Eiaohome of Vr’Itra on the continent of Asgarad.


The Ogres of Solinia are known for their extreme strength and simple minded savagery. They are extremely tall and very dangerous to anyone. They posses an unusual curiosity with all forms of life which usually ends up being unfortunate for the recipient.

The Ogres speak in a simple tongue and some races have even attempted to tame Ogres and teach them the basics of Common Tongue, they seem to grasp the concept but, like a child, have difficulty with grammatical tense and general syntax.

Solinia Ogres can trace their routes to the Ogre capital of Osogok on Halcron. The Osogok Ogres are the most dangerous threat here and are constantly watched by the Tsiyon armies that hold a solid line across the forest
Osogok is the only known location of Ogres on Solinia except for the ones that were brought as slaves by the Element Expeditionary Force. Osogok is an extremely simplistic society and the architecture emphasises this. Despite many attempts the forces of Tsiyon have attempted to lay siege on this city but due to the unswerving brute strength of the Ogres they have been unsuccessful.


The Trolls can trace their roots to the devestated continent of Nilakanthawhere they were discovered by a Human trade vessel which was visiting the island collecting a number of poisons to be used by the TsiyonMilitary. It appears the Trolls had existed on the island for some time and had spent most of their time fighting the Endolsand Wispensof the land.

They have little knowledge of their own history and, like the Ogreslive very simple lives but are somewhat skilled in poisons and alchemy. Their tribes usually have a shaman as it’s leader and they are known to have bizarre blood rituals that they perform before the pyramid temple of Caza . Historians have attempted to discover more about the past but find their culture difficult to decipher.
The Trolls are sometimes known to consume their own due to their cannibalistic nature and often in childrens stories their cooking pots and this vile action are spoken of.

Most of the Trolls found in the civilised nations are labour slaves but some that can be kept controlled have been found in various emporiums of the darker arts.

Trolls are fierce warriors and make use of necromancy and shaman like spells in battle. They are extremely dangeorus.


The Fairies of Tawis Karon can be found in no other location on Solinia! They are extremely small and possess translucent wings that carry them from place to place. The Fairy race are originally descendents from the Plane of Air who found their way to Solinia via an Anchor located on the Island of Tawis Karon .
They are ruled over by a matriarchal royal bloodline and pay homage exclusively to the elemental god of air, Zephyr .

They are extremely skilled in scholarly arts and are known to be mischievous. Due to their recent discovery by the survivors of the destruction of Kumarinot much is known about this planar race or their purpose here.


The Kobold are the canine inhabitants of The Under and were discovered by the Elemental Expeditionary Forcewhen they arrived on the continent of Kumari .

They are often found in groups headed by a pack leader and can be extremely dangerous if any stumble foolishly into their territory. They will devour their pray with their razor sharp claws and teeth and toss the victim to their pack, saving the finest of the meat for their pack leader.

The Kobolds have existed for millenia in the dark of The Under and are ferocious in combat and somewhat skilled in the arts of the shaman. They are known to regularly fight amongst themselves, constantly challenging each others authority. Those that are not strong enough to survive are abandoned by the pack or used for their net meal. This is generally the most common tactic for how most of modern races manage to tame Kobolds and bring them into their own societies for tracking and defensive purposes.

Tame Kobolds have difficulty understanding language but are excellent at reading body language and deciphering the meaning of the various odours other races give off.


Along with the Gnomesthe Hobbit’s of the Western Hemisphere have found to be one of the most unusual human like races on Solinia. Living in a perfect harmony with nature these people prefer the comfort of simple villages and housing built into the ground of rolling planes the Hobbits spend much of their time eating and drinking!

Despite their small stature they are fairly adept with a sword and are known for their many druids which pay homage to the elemental weather deities. The Hobbits of the west are renound for their thieves and pickpockets, and would be considered unlawful neutral. They are extremely jolly people, have many great tales to tell.

The most striking feature about this race, outside of their small stature is their large and hairy feet which they proudly display as they walk around barefoot.

A famous Hobbit by the name of Terry Bendlefoof was known to aid the GnomishKing Clicknok of Tiktak in recovering an artifact called The Luminous Wonder Stone that eventually led to the discovery of the Zahnferace. This famous stone and a plaque dedicated to the Bendlefoof’s is displayed proudly in the center of town in Merryshire, the home of this brave hobbit adventurer.

High Human

Originally descendents of the Meroeithe High Humans of the West are known to be some of the most powerful mages on Solinia. They care not for politics, treasure or fame only knowledge and master of the magic arts.

Their order was first formed following the many disputes among the western modern races and out of this chaos a group of scholars, known only as the Order decided to part ways with their cousins and create a city of pure knowledge they would name Arcanum. The city took almost 100 years to create and was filled with pure white marble towers that stretched into the sky filled with all manners of magical tomes.
For centuries they were led by a man named Eruð who over saw the Four Schools, each dedicated to a particular form of magic.

Sadly he and Arcanum now lay deep under the oceans following the destruction of Kumariand most of it’s pages and brilliant minds are lost forever. Those that escaped the destruction set sail with the survivors to Tawis Karon , some pages and tomes were brought with them where they hope to rebuild the grand marble towers and libraries once more.


Descended from the Gobel, this race inhabit Cryswind Peaks of Halcron and are extremly hostile to outsiders and occasionally their own. Known to eat anything and always be found in large numbers of 20-30 this race will keep attacking their victim even after they are dead. The Gobel have become a blight for the Tsiyon military but no matter how many they slay (which some say have been in the hundreds of thousands) they keep swarming from the deep caves under the mountains which is unfortunate as the caves are known to contain valuable minable quartz veins.

It has been impossible to tame a Goblin and any attempt so far has failed. They remain a scurge to the people of Tsiyon and little seems to be able to be done about it.

A master Enchanter by the name of Firion Ferbryr of Tsiyon who was involved in converting the race to something useful for the Tsiyon military spent much of his life researching the Gobel. Despite the danger, he traveleled deep into Cryswind Peaks and swears that he discovered a vast magnificent city that detailed the Gobel as a much more civilised and influential race that somehow fell from grace but others are unsure as whether or not Firion was telling the truth or trying to make a name for himself. So, several mages of Tsiyon returned to Crystwind Peaks to confirm his story, they failed to find the remains of the city but were approached by a Gobel shaman by the name of Redtooth Savagecry, a Gobel shaman who informed the group of a vision it had received involving Redtooth and races of Tsiyon travelling to a land known as Desai. It was this chance meeting that was eventually influential in the formation of one of the Element expeditions and the first population of the western continents by people of the east.

The modern goblins that live on the Western Continents are a mixture of the descendents of Redtooth and native Gobel that were found on arrival to the West and are considered far more civilised than their eastern counterparts and as such are referered to instead as Goblins of the West.


The earliest human records of Undead speak of an endless invasion on the continetn of Asgaradagainst the walls of Ravenholme. But wherever you travel on Solinia you are likely to find Undead everywhere.
After years of study by necromancers of all races it seems that Undead are living beings that have failed, for whatever reason, to make it successfully into The Maw

They are generally solitary but can be found in groups without leadership. There have been some cases however where undead have been under the control of other undead. More specifically two events would be the King Draugr, an ancient King brought back to life by a Necromancer who was consequently beheaded and thrown to the now Undead Kings Hordes. The other would be the Lich of the Karnon who is sometimes said to roam the planes of Halcron, believed to been a Necromancer who attempted to make himself immortal and instead doomed himself to a life of mindless undeath.

Undead are savage and care not for harm, they are used often as slaves by Vampires,Dark Elves and Necromancers. They sometimes wield dark scholarly magic and are highly dangerous.

Fallen Angel

This legendary race has been spoken of many times but few catch a glimpse of them outside of their nightmares and sometimes within the shadows. The Fallen Angels are the dead Tinaithat once fought Hiran Asura centuries ago during the Cataclysm . They are bound forever in his service and are led by the Abomination that was once Leraa High Priestess of the Tinai who stood to defend Esoronas the Tinai fled Solinia.

The Fallen Angels are a twisted image of their Kin and lifeless beings of chaos that forever plot and scheme to bring forth the day that their creator should return.


The rather skitty gnomes of the Western Hemisphere have managed to exist without outside influence for aeons. Their clockwork capital of Tiktak is a hidden jewel of marvelous inventions and strange magic that would make even the dwarven tinkerers confused.

Gnomes are believed to been created through a strange process of genetic engineering by the ancient Proto Humans and were created to maintain and watch over their laboratories which were scattered around Solinia. Following the cataclysm most races were wiped out but the Gnomes in the Southern Western continents managed to escape to the Under in a gigantic drill like clockwork they called The Mole
Gnomes are somewhat similar to High Humans in their inquisitive nature and thirst for knowledge. They are quite friendly, similar in size to gnomes and weak in melee combat. However, they easily make up for this with their defensive clockwork inventions that they aquired following the Zahnfer etreat of Tosteladt


The Clockwork races of the Western Hemisphre are originally descended from the spring-wound Zahnfe clockworks of the East.

The Zahnfe are a race of clockwork beings, living in pockets around Tosteladt . They are unique among the mechanical races in that they don’t consume fuel of any sort, only needing their springs wound. The small, faerie like ones can be wound by hand, but the high-tension springs in the man sized ones are usually wound using the torque from a waterwheel. As such, most Zahnfe settlements involve a river. Worthy of note is that no Zahnfe can wind the spring of another of their own size. The tension needed is simply too much, if they could wind each other they would be perpetual motion engines.

They appear humanoid, though their size can vary wildly. Some are tiny, with little gear-operated wings allowing them to flit about. Others are of average height, looking more or less humanoid. Some do possess more than one set of arms, though. Their construction seems to make them look as though they attempt to emulate human features, with varying degrees of success. Some simply have a mouthless mask for a face, with two eye slots being their only feature. Others have intricate interlocking panels for their face, allowing them to have expressions and use nonverbal cues. One thing that is commonly accepted is that, though seemingly benign and friendly, the realism of some of their features combined with their sometimes jerky or mechanical movement makes some people distinctly unsettled by them.
The Zahnfe are an inherently creative race, and take great delight in attempting to imitate nature or create new designs for the next generation of Zahnfe which has fitted in nicely with their new Gnomishfriends which they met when departing their land following an attack by Taktevolken

The Kumari races have found no end of use for this race due to their strength and skill with technology. They have been influencial, along with the gnomes and dwarves for all manner of inventions.

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