Providing a great Factions/Survival experience (and memes) since 2013.


Often times you see cracked servers that just don't measure up to premium ones, but that is not the case here. We have two main servers, Factions and Survival. Only having two core-servers allows us to really focus on them and bring the best experience possible. Conspiracy has an extremely dedicated owner, Jamm (that's me!), that works 60+ hours a week on the server to ensure everything is running as it should. You can find me in-game sometimes when I'm not busy building or working on updates, so feel free to say hi! 

Staff-wise, we are professional, but know how to have fun. If you don't like staff members who are friendly and crack jokes, you'll really hate us! All servers have a Discord, but we have a Discord server with a channel dedicated to memes. Yes, my friend, home is here..



OP Factions [1.8-1.12]

  • Custom Enchantments - We have Custom Enchantments that are great for PvP and not too over-powered.
  • Enchant Maxes - Sharpness is capped at 11 and protection at 10.
  • Free Fly - Factions without /fly is like red beans without rice!
  • King of The Hill - A competitive PvP game where you must hold control of an area with your Faction to win a loot crate.
  • Great Warzones - We spend a lot of time making sure our PvP areas are on point.
  • McMMO Rankups - Earn new ranks, titles, kits and sethomes with McMMO. 
  • Hit Detection - We have plugins that improve hit-detection to ensure more of your hits land.
  • Powerful Anti-cheat - Our anti-cheat kicks most hackers you may come across. 
  • Duels - 1v1 other players in over 9 different arenas with pre-made kits.
  • Bar Gamble - Spend your money on various drinks in the bar for a chance to win big.
  • Crates - Get crate keys by voting!
  • NPC Memes - We love memes, boi. Look for Yung Chop in spawn and tell him Chance saved SoundCloud.


  • Friendly Community - My favorite part about Survival is the great community. It's kinda' rare these days!
  • Parties - Hate surviving alone? Make a party, set a home and build with your friends. 
  • Shops Done Right - Like selling stuff? We have the best player-owned shop system in the business.
  • No Griefing - Who needs griefing? Not us.
  • No PvP - There is no PvP in the main world; however, you can go to /warp pvp if that's your cup of tea :)
  • Land Claiming - We use the "gold shovel" claiming plugin, because it's just simply the best.
  • McMMO - An rpg-like plugin for leveling up skills such as mining and woodcutting.
  • Rankups - You can level up McMMO to earn new titles and sethomes!
  • Bosses - Whaa'? Yes, you can spawn and slay bosses for some nice loots.
  • Achievements - These are fun to complete and add a new layer to the normal survival experience.
  • Auctions - Don't need all that junk in your inventory? Put it up on an auction, someone else might!
  • Rollbacks - In the event that you are somehow griefed, we can recover your builds and items. No prob!
  • Llama Mascot - What server do you know of that has a talking Llama walking around spawn? (his name is David btw)

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Owner JammPls
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.12
Platform Desktop
Tags Factions McMMO Survival
Plugins Chest Shop mcMMO Land Claim / Plots Factions Grief Prevention