Merchant Villages

Merchant Villages is a friendly non-pvp server looking for mature, well behaved players.
Have you been enjoying Minecraft single player, but found the online community less than youd hoped for. Are you tired of being griefed by experienced players. Had enough of power hungry admins threatening to ban you every time you blink. Merchant Villages offers a friendly environment for players new to the scene and experienced players alike.
Merchant Villages is well established having been online since March of 2013.
Here you will find a unique economy because it is based off of the NPC villager trades created by Mojang. Villagers on this server have been designed to make trading easy and fun. With EssentialsEco, ChestShop, Floauction and others seamlessly integrating the vanilla trading with a full eco system, Merchant Villages offers a different approach to creating a full economy experience.
Here you will find a rich gaming experience with:
- Unlimited land starting with 100x100 plots and expanded as needed
- Everything protected
- No griefing, everything logged
- Four home sets and more as you rank
- No starting in overpopulated areas, 8 warps to the wilderness
- Enhanced minerals in the mines
- Fall damage off
- Creeper and ghast block damage off
- Craftbook which includes pipes, wireless redstone, and much more
- Creative plot world
- Minigames including parkour, spleef, hunger games and more!
- Family friendly environment
- No Inventory loss arenas
Come and join us for a full, friendly gaming experience.
Plugins installed on server: Essentials, EssentialsEco, Craftbook, LWC, Floauction, OrePlus, Stables, Coreprotect, Shopkeepers, TreeAssist, WorldEdit, WorldGuard

Owner FatherWh0
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.12
Platform Desktop
Tags Economy McMMO Mini Games PvE Survival
Plugins Chest Shop CoreProtect mcMMO dynmap Multi World