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CraftBlock is server and community that spawned 4 years ago, mature with helpful staff, and always online!


I own a nice community called CraftBlock - focused on towns, building, and just having fun! We try to cover what a "good Minecraft server" should be, with friendly helpful staff, a nice welcoming community, and a safe environment for kids and adults (We welcome kids, and their parents. If you're 8, or 32, you're welcome. You can find players of all ages here, you won't be left out!).


There is also ALWAYS someone on, at-least 20 or more players!


CraftBlock - Do what you want, anywhere. Survive, build, and have fun!


CraftBlock is more then just a server, it's a growing community, of all ages, that's been growing for more then 4 years. From mature, technical literate Owners, to dedicated, helpful moderators, we try to bring you the very best.

On CraftBlock, we have various plugins to bring fun, adventure, and more to you.


- Towns Ether with Towny, or without, you can build or join Towns anywhere on the server. There are no wild restrictions.


- Jobs Mine, Farm, or and more while making CraftBucks, our server economy.


- McMMO Gain skills from various ways which levels you up and enchances your gaming experience on the server. An example, once you reach a high level at digging, you'll start earning gold dust from dirt. Pretty cool, huh?


- Precious Stones On CraftBlock, we'll al about options, oh and protecting your builds from griefs. Get a "PStone" to protect your first builds.


Anti-griefing and protections PStones and Towny helps with protections, but for other anti-griefing measures, we block log every single block that's placed or broken, as well as roll them back if it's needed. Oh, and the staff gets notifications from highly popular blocks that are loved by griefers. So don't worry your builds are safe here.


- Disguises Each rank gets more and more disguises, and every rank gets at-least two or more. Do /dis after you obtain your first rank.


- NPCs Yup, you can also create your own mob to control! It costs a bit of CraftBucks, but it's accessable by any player, and the higher the rank you are, the better the NPC you can create.


- Marriages One of our highly requested plugins is now on the server! Find or invite the love of your life on the server (or even your best friend!) and ask a priest to marry you! Or become a priest by building a church!

Our forums are also active! If you like to do more then just play and be apart of an active community, our forums is the place for you! And for your first rank, build a house. That's all!

And a lot more! Check out CraftBlock and find out for yourself!


Gameplay & Getting Started

CraftBlock is all about community, and having fun. The lower ranks are in survival, where you have to work and build, mine, start your town. No restrictions in where you can build!.

When you' finish our newbie spawn, you'll be at /spawn, where infront of you is two signs! Town Hall or go to the wild. Town hall is a centre of warps to various towns. Going to the wild warp will teleport you to our biomes island, where you can pick and choose your favorite biome to start at.


Ranking Up!

Your first rank is pretty simple. Just build a house, and wait for a Mod or Ambassador to hop on to help you. Ask in chat when your house is done. You'll be promoted in-game!

After that, you'll have be active. We're all about community, so being apart of it is important.Building, getting your stats up, doing jobs, helping others, After you can apply for our next few ranks!

For other information, you can just hop on. Our newbie spawn has a lot of info you can read, or, choose to ignore :)


Excited to join? Awesome! Our ip is:

Want more? Our website is


  • No Hacks allowed! Play legit! :)
  • No spamming!
  • No Trolling! keep calm, play. We're a nice and respective community, just don't try to ruin everyone's day!

Owner misskoa
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.12
Platform Desktop
Tags Creative Economy McMMO Mini Games Skyblock Survival Towny Vanilla
Plugins Citizens mcMMO Land Claim / Plots BungeeCord