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Just Vanilla! is a pure vanilla server that is currently running on 1.12+
This server is a, mature, teen+ community that play Minecraft together and we do not have to worry about griefers, or the immaturity of other players, so everyone has a fun unique play experience! There are only a few plugins that do not effect the game-play experience. (CoreProtect, SimpleChat +Anti Cheating Plugins) To prevent griefing and cheating and to make chat nicer!

We use our website a lot to communicate on our forums as well. So players can keep up to date with whats going on the server and also for the social aspect so players can communicate with each other!


We also have weekly Competitions and Weekend Saturday Events for the community with a load of community built mini games! 


Everything on the server is vanilla and is all player built in-game nothing is spawned in there is no commands in-game like TP etc, use a bed to set your spawn! It's vanilla! Simple way the game should be!


Any questions feel free to comment below, visit our forums and join the website on the right side and do the two minute application and staff will read and review it fast as possible, the waits are no longer then a hour max!





Visit our website or MC forums post and apply for whitelist :)


CLICK Here For Our Website can also apply here!





96% Uptime

Last pinged, Apr 26, 2018

Address JustVanillaMC.mcserver.ws
Owner yatziyo
Website http://www.justvanillamc.com/
Content Rating Teen
Version 1.12
Platform Desktop
Last Update Apr 26, 2018
Tags Survival Vanilla
Plugins CoreProtect dynmap


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Uptime 96%
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