Archon Crafters

Archon Crafters is a friendly, close-knit server and we’re looking for mature players to come and have a good time! (You must be at least 16.) Our server has been around for over a year and we love meeting new players and working together to build awesome stuff. We have a strong core of players that are online regularly and we frequently chat on TeamSpeak.

We have various plugins but we try to keep gameplay as vanilla as possible, while still maintaining a safe, grief-free and cheat-free environment and adding a few fun perks! We have GriefPrevention and LWC to make sure your builds and items are safe! Some various features we have are: Dynmap, /sethome & /home, /back, /spawn, Silk Touch monster spawners, and some others for convenience. We also have a TeamSpeak 3 server and a simple economy and use ChestShop to make trading and setting up shops easier!

We have several Staff members and experienced players who are willing to help out or answer any questions. There is almost always a staff member online to help out! Our website also has all the information you need and is where we post updates about the server.

In order to keep our community friendly and fair, we enforce the following rules. Cheaters and griefers will be banned.

Owner archoncrafters
Content Rating Teen
Version 1.9
Platform Desktop
Tags Survival Vanilla Whitelist
Plugins Essentials Chest Shop CoreProtect dynmap Grief Prevention