Pixel Acres

Welcome to Pixel Acres!

We are a small community, with the sole purpose of bringing you some fun during your Minecraft experience! Come join us at on the most recent update.


So what is Pixel Acres?


Pixel Acres is a Semi-Vanilla server, with 2 main gamemodes - Survival, and Creative Plots. 

What else can you tell us?


Our server is built as a friendly community with no griefing in the Survival and Creative worlds. Staff are always near if anyone is causing trouble or needs help, and there are plenty of tutorials and commands. We have marriage, in game custom music, driveable cars, useable chairs, and quests so you can enjoy your time here! 


How can we contact you?


Just e-mail us here or visit our website: 


We can’t wait to have you online! An adventure awaits on Pixel Acres!

Owner TheOtakuJames
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.12
Platform Desktop
Tags Creative McMMO Mini Games Survival
Plugins Multiverse Citizens mcMMO Grief Prevention