The Society || Transportcraft


Transportcraft (formely known as Traincraft 4) is successor to our former pack: Traincraft, which is a modpack designed for The Society server. This pack & server intends to focus on transportation, industrialization, surviving in teams that form settlements.
It's our fifth generation pack and now focuses on:
- Try to survive the first harsh days, especially hunger
- Build your own modern city or join an existing one
- Instead of getting everything on your own, start trading
- Now features a new custom mod: Fish's Transport Tycoon Mod (who has played Transport Tycoon, Transport Tycoon Deluxe, OpenTTD or Chris Sawyers Locomotion then this mod introduces similar cargo transportation system)
To accomplish your goal, we provide you different means of transportation: Trains (WIP mod - Zora No Densha), ships and airships (Archimedes Ships PLus) and ground vehicles (Flan's Mod - planes & weapons disabled).
Our pack is built around RF energy. Also our pack has been designed to be harder than older ones, for example vanilla tools are useless etc. Our pack has a lot of popular mods and some more uncommon mods.
Our pack is available on: Feed The Beast launcher, Curse Voice launcher.
Full list of our mods can be found here:
Permissions to use these mods & authors:
Our server is whitelisted! To apply for whitelist visit out forums:
More information:
- We have our own dedicated server with 32GB of RAM located in Germany, Europe
- We are hosting our own Teamspeak 3 server
- Our server has daily backups
- Our community allows players to get subforums and Teamspeak channels for their own clans for other games.


Owner kerts93
Location GERMANY
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.7.10
Platform Desktop
Tags FTB Roleplay Survival Whitelist Modern
Plugins Land Claim / Plots Feed The Beast