Lacuna (la-cu-na)
(n) A missing page, an open book. A place for everyone to write their story and make their mark.
Lacuna comprises of some of the players' favorites and a few unique worlds only available on Lacuna. Join us to check it out:
Lacuna - Prism Forest in Pathfinder
Terminus (Unique)
Equip your guns, scavenge for loot while trying to survive the post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies. P.S. The largest apocalyptic city map you’ll ever see. Try to survive, and good luck.
Stardew Valley (Unique)
Inspired by the farm simulator game, Stardew Valley. We love the game, and we thought to bring Stardew Valley to the world of Minecraft. 
Pathfinder (Unique)
An economy role-playing server with beautiful towns at view. Choose your role, build your persona, ultimately, find your path.
Delve into dungeons, build up your class, build your kingdoms and raid your foe’s land. Grab your friends and ask them to lend you a hand!
More than just an orange jumpsuit. Mine, kill and craft your way up the ladder, earn rewards and build your own prison cell on your plot.
Number 1 rule, don’t fall off your block. A complex puzzle to resolve - how to survive in the sky.
Own your island, take on challenges and upgrade it. Quick advice, don’t fall in the water - it’s acidic(very).
Inspired by Black Ops 2: Zombies. A zombie horde mode that cannot be taken on alone. Bring friends and fight off the zombies together!

Owner doitliketyler
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.12
Platform Desktop
Tags Economy Roleplay Survival RPG Adventure Medieval
Plugins Citizens mcMMO Land Claim / Plots