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Welcome to my Minecraft network! This network is my pride and joy, and the players on here are amazing. It is a wonderful community. Swears are automatically censored and disrespect is not allowed. That way, the server can be appropriate for players of any age. The current players are a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. I am very active on the server so I can enforce rules and maintain order. I also interact with the players almost every day. On the network, there are currently three fun games to choose from.


-Create your very own skyblock island with friends or solo!
-Complete challenges to win awesome new items!
-Create your own shops to sell items to other players and make money!
-Try to create the largest and best island on the server!
-Have fun on your new island!

-Minia is a lot like prison!
-Mine blocks from mines and sell those blocks to make money!
-Use that money to rank up and access new mines!
-You can rent houses and capture pets!
-Have fun mining!

-Build in creative on your own plots!
-Show off your great creations to other players!
-Make friends, have parties, and create some fun roleplaying!
-Add people to build with you on your plot!
-Have fun building!



-Explore the world of anarchy with almost no limits!

-This game is like factions and survival had a beautiful baby!

-Go around the world battling other players to be the best!

-Create teams to conquer the world with!

-Establish bases and raid and grief other people's bases!


More games like Skywars are coming soon in the future! Some of these games might seem typical, but I have put weeks of effort to make each server the best it can possibly be and I continue to update each server over time to provide players with an experience of even more fun!


What else is exciting about the network? Very often, I record videos on it for my YouTube channel and I allow players to participate in the videos! You can find the channel at the bottom of this post.


If you are interested in playing, feel free to stop by on the server. We will happily welcome you and we look forward to your arrival! :lol:

Owner TheMattVid
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.8.8
Platform Desktop
Tags Anarchy Creative Economy Factions Parkour Prison PvP Roleplay Skyblock Survival
Plugins Essentials Multiverse Chest Shop BungeeCord Grief Prevention