SurgePvP is a brand new factions server that is 1.8-1.12 friendly! The server opened 1/12/18 and it has many unique features including, custom biomes, crates, custom enchants, gambling, McMMO, and much much more! The server is designed to promote raiding unlike most faction servers with giant maps. Some things we do to promote raiding are having a small map of 4000by4000 in the Overworld, making both obsidian and bedrock breakable by tnt, and having purchasable raiding supplies. Although we encourage raiding getting those supplies to raid is a whole other story. The server owner (me) has run 3 faction servers before, so the server is configured better than your average factions server. Some other cool features that we have are mineable spawners, ArrowTrails, Player head drops on PvP, a Marriage plugin, Auctions, Envoys, cool donator ranks and perks, many more cool features. New plugins and addons are already being planned out such as a custom leveling system, KOTH, and Envoys, all of which will be released as the server becomes more popular.

Owner soccerboyjacob12
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.8.9
Platform Desktop
Tags Factions McMMO PvE PvP Raiding