HappyDiggers TFC



The HappyDiggers TerraFirmaCraft server aims to be close to TFC while adding a few features to make life more comfortable. There is plot protection, grief prevention, everything is logged and we have several staff members who visit the server regularly to help with any issues. We have mini games on our Lobby server. See the TFC spawn area for more information.


Our server has a few simple rules which are enforced strictly. We aim to keep the server pleasant for players of all ages and walks of life.


Basic Server rules
These apply to all servers unless specified otherwise.

  • Respect staff and other players
  • Bad language, swearing, cursing: NOT allowed
  • Stealing: NOT allowed
  • PVP: Only allowed if all parties agree to it. Use chat to make this clear (logs).
  • Grief: NOT allowed
  • Asking for stuff/OP/mod/TP/items/materials/etc: NOT allowed
  • Don't argue with the staff on the server. If you want to make your case, use the forum.

TerraFirmaCraft server specific rules
Freebie TerraFirmaCraft Server
Each Town may have a maximum of:

  • 8 adult animals total. Each animal needs to be in its own 16x16 pen in it own chunk fenced in, the fence can have small sections for gates.
  • 3 plots of tilled soil farmland or berry bushes. This means 768 blocks. They may be in more than three plots, but 768 max. Can be mixed between the two.
  • 8 fruit trees. (All kinds allowed: red apple, green apple, banana, peach, etc.)
  • 1 of each kind of anvil. (copper, bronze, wrought iron, steel, etc.)
  • 2 outposts
  • 1 /sethome point per player

Owner InsaneJ
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.7.10
Platform Desktop
Tags Mini Games PvE PvP Towny
Plugins dynmap Land Claim / Plots BungeeCord Grief Prevention