500 years ago, the storm of Loy carried the Oki people away from Loka to the distant islands of Spore, never to be heard of again. Loka remained empty for all these centuries, until a group of sailors from a sea side city in Meloncraftia arrived at its shores. Here you are, at the city of Lemon, on the edge of a new world.

You came after reading an advertisement with the immortal slogan "Come to a world where you can do what you like, build an empire, or live in a hole with a pig, I's all good ;3"



  • Races with unique abilities, Vampires too o-vv-o
  • Magic Spells and broom riding galore!
  • Create powerful industrial machines :O
  • Immersion! Real water physics, thirst and more!
  • Gods, create your own religion! Believe in the great Yogurt..
  • Towny, make your own town. (PvP and Wars are disabled, no bad stuff :P)
  • Shopping, Economy and more, be a shopkeeper!
  • Creative Plots World - Free for everyone!
  • Block Logging, and Locks, your builds are safe :)))))
  • Masterful server management, I'm pretty amazing if I say so myself.
  • ... WAY MORE!



  1. Dont be an ass :P
  2. Dont grief or annoy people, especially not Melon.
  3. Keep builds vaguely realistic.
  4. Report bugs! Exploiters will be shot!
  6. Be nice to squids ;3 (you don't have to I guess... BUT YOU SHOULD)
  7. Keep the RP, connect builds with roads etc.
  8. Cheating or hacking is a CRIME, the fbi will get ya.


Address loka.meloncraft.com
Owner Melonking
Website https://meloncraft.com
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.12
Platform Desktop
Tags Creative PvE Survival Towny RPG Magic
Plugins Essentials CoreProtect mcMMO Server Signs Multi World