Lumiacraft is a semi-vanilla survival server that offers survival games, unique plugins, timed ranks, and donator ranks with special perks. Our creative server is currently whitelisted for a server revamp. In the future, we will be having a minigames server!


We have friendly, professional, and responsive staff to make sure your experience on Lumiacraft is a trouble free and enjoyable as possible. Need help? Just ask one of our knowledgeable staff members!


Lumiacraft is hosted on its very own 64GB server, with every bit of that focused on giving you the best survival experience, which is lag-free.


Every night, a copy of the server is made and stored off-sight from the servers, just in case of any major issues. You can rest easy knowing everything you work on Lumia is safe.


What makes Lumiacraft different from plain old vanilla? We provide a number of unique plugins to enhance your gameplay so you’ll never be bored. Here are just a few of the plugins we have to offer:


Advanced Achievements - Advanced Achievements is a powerful, fun, and addictive plugin. It extends the features of vanilla advancements and achievements. We have created a unique set of custom achievements that will bring a competitive and challenge to the community.


Bookshelf - Your bookshelves are now more than just decorative blocks! Bookshelf gives you a place to store all your books, maps, and other stuff - just like chests!


Chest Cleaner - Chest Cleaner is a plugin that is made for cleaning inventories. You can clean your inventory, chests, ender chests, and shulker boxes.


CoreProtect - CoreProtect is a fast, efficient, data logging and anti-griefing tool. Rollback and restore any amount of damage.


Elytra Effects - Elytra Effects is a plugin that makes flying with an elytra fun. It has custom particles, sounds, and text messages!


Epic Pets - Epic Pets allows you to create your own unique pet with an armor stand. You can create a pet with your own textures and animations as well as disguise and modify your pet in game.


GriefPrevention - Grief Prevention will solve your grief problems. We use this plugin for claiming land.

Locked Items - This plugin allows you to craft locked chests that only you and those you trust can open. No more adding signs!

Pass Lock - With PassLock, it enables you to lock your door and your chest by a item based code. You can set and enter your code thanks to a smooth interface and give it to your friends.

Repair Plus - Repair your items on an anvil for a price. This plugin also includes infinite anvils. If you’re tired of having to replace your anvils now all you need to do is look at your anvil and do /rp inf and your anvil will never break again!

Safe Trade - Safe Trade is a plugin which makes trading a lot more safe. You trade using an inventory GUI.

Time is Money - Time is money pays you for your time spent on the server! What could be easier than getting paid to hang out on Lumia!

Trading Cards - Collect and trade cards with other players! Trading cards are randomly dropped by mobs and contain lore and custom names of all of Minecraft’s current mobs and some removed legacy mobs.




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