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“Twälo ec cweso, tog ëm segural fa pëoɽä dendal ëoɽä!”

“Greetings and Welcome, join us on our server.”


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The Realms of Wolfia is an RPG-inspired, lore-driven Minecraft server.


On your first night, Wolfia is a seemingly normal survival server. Go mining, build a house, work with (or against) other players, and explore.


But as you start to explore the land, you will discover its stories and secrets: from the werewolf descendants of Waramon (for which the world is named), to the people of Eborin, to the dragons and other creatures of Runnach and Sholkingham.



The world includes one large main continent, the Akenlands, which is divided into two regions: Waramon (southwest) and Eborin (northeast). Each region has it's own government and culture. The starting city, Intwil, is located in Waramon. There are many smaller towns spread across the land.



Outside of the Akenlands, is the lawless wilderness regions: Sholkingham (north) and Runnach (south). Very little of these lands have been explored, as very few dare to step outside of the civilized Akenlands. Griefing and raiding is allowed anywhere within the oceans of Runnach and Sholkingham.



While still a work-in-progress, our questing system will reveal the stories of artifacts and buildings across all four regions. We've spent countless hours writing extensive lore, telling the story of the Alchemists that discovered the lands, and the Wolf Lord that created civilization as we know it.

We use several custom-crafted plugins for a totally unique experience. RealmsCore is our roleplaying framework, and provides a simple, yet extensive realms/nations/holds system. RealmsStory brings the world to life, with dynamic quests and characters, that actually recognize who you are and respond accordingly. Our upcoming magic system lets you design and equip your own spells. Warpstones is our unique fast travel system, letting you quickly return to previously visited locations. We also have TARDIS, fully available to all players, no restrictions or required ranks.



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