“Twälo ec cweso, tog ëm segural fa pëoɽä dendal ëoɽä!”

“Greetings and Welcome, join us on our server.”


IP: Akenland.com - Server Online 24/7 - Everybody is welcome!

Live Map: Map.Akenland.com - Website: Akenland.com - Discord: https://discord.gg/8ZW9bpp 

Alternate IP (if the one above isn't working): Alt.Akenland.com


Akenland is an RPG-inspired, lore-driven Minecraft server.


On your first night, this is a normal survival server. Go mining, build a house, work with (or against) other players, and explore.


But as you start to explore the land, you will discover its stories and secrets: from the werewolf descendants of Waramon, to the alchemists of Eborin, to the dragons and other creatures of Runnach and Sholkingham.

The World

The main continent is known as Akenland, and is divided into two regions: Waramon and Eborin. Each has its own government, culture, towns, and characters.

Beyond Akenland, is the lawless wilderness regions: Sholkingham (north) and Rùnnach (south). Very little of these lands have been explored, as few dare to step outside of civilized Akenland. PvP and raiding is allowed anywhere within these oceans.




Lore and Questing

Quests reveal the stories of artifacts and characters across all four regions. We’ve spent countless hours writing extensive lore, telling of the Alchemists that discovered these lands and created civilization as we know it.


Talk to NPCs. Every character has a story – but they might not tell you much at first. As you make your name in Akenland, characters will begin to recognize you for your accomplishments. Not only can you learn about the legends of Akenland, you can become one.


Gameplay and Plugins

Our plugins were designed specifically for this server. Join a nation, or realm, and receive a custom rank that identifies you. Realm leaders can recruit others, issue orders to NPCs, appoint leaders to sub-realms, and even place bounties on hostile players. Everyone on the server plays by the same rules – there are no traditional ranks here, just roleplaying.


Discover four branches of magic as you create your own unique and powerful spells. Instantly warp around the world with Warpstones and Warp Shards. And for Timelords, we have TARDIS, available to everyone without restrictions.


Address Akenland.com
Owner DOGCKyle
Website Akenland.com
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.12
Platform Desktop
Tags Economy PvE PvP Roleplay Survival RPG Adventure Magic Medieval
Plugins Citizens mcMMO dynmap