Surf's Hard Mode

Welcome to my hard mode server. This is a survival server with core changes to the game-play to add a more difficult play-style. This server is a passion project, I love harder gaming experiences and I enjoy creating communities. I will never sell features (You have to earn everything). I want the community to drive the direction of changes, balance, and features. If you're upset about a bug, lag, or feature feel free to let me know, I'll do my best to fix it. If you've lost anything I'll make the judgement on refunds, so don't complain.


Core Changes:

 - McMMO | 5% level loss on death | Nerfed level gain and benefits

 - Custom Crafting | Armor, Tools, Bucket, and Enchanted Golden Apples have custom

recipes (here)

 - Health | -1 Max health loss on death | +1 Max health gain per server hour (Online players) | Enchanted Golden Apples bring you back to max health

 - Thirst | Another resource to manage | Drink to keep yourself going

 - General Things | Crops grow slower | Get hungry quicker | Hard difficulty

 - The Usual | Essentials | WorldGuard | Block Logging for protection, inspection, and



-= More Things Planned (If community forms) =-


- No Malicious Griefing or Raiding (Instant Ban)

- No Malicious Harrassment or Insults (Instant ban)

- No Hacks/Mods that give you benefit over others (Instant Ban)

- No X-Ray (Instant Ban. Trust me, I check, and I'm good at it.)

- No Ban Evasion (Instant Ban. If I didn't want you here before I don't want you now.)


I want a community to form and if someone is caught doing these they don't belong in the community at all. I'm leniant and mature, but if you clearly broke rules you're punished
accordingly. Though, I don't care about cussing or accidents (Granted, don't try to pull off it being an accident, I'll know). 


Owner Surfcash31
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.11
Platform Desktop
Tags Hardcore McMMO Survival Vanilla
Plugins Essentials mcMMO