Aeonia Network

First ever minecraft community project.


Welcome to Aeonia, the first ever community managed minecraft network.
Our goal is to bring the best experience to our players, and this means a good server, a good experience and great fun! Out network is still in BETA phase, but we are constantly working on ways of adding new content, and fixing current issues. We invite you to join our BETA server and test out some features, report bugs, and get an early start with the community. As a thank you for your help during the beta period, everyone will be getting a Special rank that joins until the server launches.


Nightmare Server:
Currently Aeonia network only features one server, the Nightmare. This server is a survival server set on Hard difficulty, with enhanced survival skills needed to make it. To make the main world permanent, we have added an Adventure world, that everyone can join and strip mine, explore, and conquer. This world resets often and ensures that your hone on the main world stays there forever. The server also features Custom generated terrain, and a Skyblocks, Nightmare edition.


Creative Server:
Currently this server is in development, and will be available as the next addition to Aeonia.


Website (In development):


We look forward to seeing you online, and share the epic experiences we have to offer, and help us make this one of the greatest networks available!



ENROLL: If you want to become a co-owner for Aeonia network, we have opened slots available! You can make your own server and add it to the Aeonia family, we will provide you with help and a server to work on! Apply via PM with any information you think relevant, we don't have a support form because we think that the way a co-owner presents him self is very important. Good luck!

Owner ethernity4ever
Content Rating Teen
Version 1.11
Platform Desktop
Tags Survival
Plugins BungeeCord