The Apocalypse

About the Server
The Apocalypse is a server filled with many interesting plug-ins, with Slimefun as our main highlight to the server. Slimefun is a plug-in that adds new blocks, plants, and items making the server seem as if it were modded. With the well put together plug-ins the server is full of fun and never ending possiblities; You'll never find yourself out of things to do, create or discover. We always try our best to keep up to date with all plug-in updates.

Our staff are friendly and always there to help. They do their best to keep the chat nice and clean for players of all ages and make sure players play fairly and have fun. When someone reports an issue on the forums, staff reply and attend to the situation as soon as they can and to the best of their ability.

We have a nice and friendly community, our players are always willing to help out other players when staff aren't avaliable to help. Our community is the reason why the server is special and fun to play on. Although it is small, we are slowly growing.

Types of Servers
Slimefun 3 and Factions (1.8+/1.9)
Gather up your friends, create a faction, gather gear and build a base. Prepare yourselves to go into battle with other factions or pvp against other players by fighting the boss/infernal mobs and finding lucky blocks around the world to obtain cool/powerful gear you cannot create on your own, and training your RPGme skills.

Slimefun 4 and PVE (1.9)
PVP and raiding/griefing not your prime interest or need a break from it all? No need to worry about any of those things on our Slimefun 4/PVE server. However, the question is can you survive in the wilderness on hard mode? If you aren't quite sure, don't worry we have RPGme to assist you, so train your skills to be able to wonder the wilderness alone when night time comes.


Owner umarku
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.11
Platform Desktop
Tags PvE Survival Tekkit
Plugins Essentials Chest Shop BungeeCord Health Bar Residence