The BlizzardCraft Network

What is The BlizzardCraft Network, and what can it offer me?
The BlizzardCraft Network, alongside our BlizzardCraft Minecraft server, strive to provide a family-friendly experience. Our community is also friendly and will be happy to play with you. The community is drawn together by the game modes we provide. We fight for what's right in Factions, we strive apart with resources in BedrockSMP, we take it to a new death-defying level in HypaBlizzard, we play with toys we probably shouldn't in Missile Wars, we let our creativity and imagination roam free in Creative, and we have fun competing with others in Mini-Games. We also have more game modes planned down the road for everyone to enjoy, but not everything comes from us... Some of it came from the community. If you have any suggestions on what to add to our server, feel free to talk with our staff about it. They'll be happy to accept any requests you may have.

What Mini-Games are currently offered?
Currently, we have SkyWars and Spleef available, but we plan to add more Mini-Games in the future.

Any rules?
Actually, yes. Hacking is prohibited. Only Optifine is allowed at this time. Other hacks used will result in bans. Keep it family friendly, and use common sense. Most importantly, keep it fun for everyone. It's just a video game.

What game modes are you guys considering?
If you're curious about what game modes we're currently considering, here they are: 

  • UHC (Hardcore Survival)
  • Lava Run, which has you dodging lava at an alarming rate while completing parkour courses
  • No Damage, in which you would be getting down off of cliffs and other objectives without taking any damage

& more.

We hope you come join us sometime. Just putting a couple things out, we are in need of some staff members for our server to make sure everything is running well for the community and we do have a discord server to communicate with the community. Join it at, and talk with us! That is it. Thank you.

Owner StormyIceLeopard
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.12
Platform Desktop
Tags Creative Factions McMMO Mini Games Parkour PvE PvP Skywars Survival Spleef
Plugins mcMMO Factions BungeeCord