CathalCraft is the perfect server to play on with your friends in a fun and lag-free environment, without worrying about pesky griefers.


New with 1.12: Creative server! Join with /server creative

- What our server offers -

  • Free-build survival in our vast survival world
  • Ability to make, run, and join many of the server's towns
  • Advanced economy system where players can make and run shops
  • Minigames such as spleef and parkour
  • Automatic rank up system based on playtime
  • Navigation of the world through portals
  • Set home at your house so you never get lost
  • A friendly and helpful community
  • Lag-free playing environment


- Our grief protection, never get griefed again -

  • Can place protection stones so no outsiders can break your builds (auto zoning)
  • Plots in towns are automatically zoned to you
  • Containers that hold items, such as chests, are auto-locked to you
  • All animals in your protection stones are protected
  • Our logging plugin records all blocks placed and broken so any grief can be easily rolled back

Owner hutt132
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.12
Platform Desktop
Tags Creative Economy Mini Games Survival Towny
Plugins Essentials Chest Shop dynmap Land Claim / Plots Multi World