Matecraft - Network

Join us at and enjoy one of the best Minecraft communities out there!
This is a server free of lag, griefers and spammers. We have a very active community and staff team who are more than happy to help out new players who just want to have a fun time with some friendly people!
Hosted on the best hardware to ensure you have the best possible Minecraft experience you can!
Join us and enjoy one of the multiple game modes we have to offer!

Currently Open; (You may use direct IP's if you wish)

Survival -

The good old fashioned Matecraft Survival server, with a few tweaks.
Matecraft Survival takes Vanilla, and makes it better. Join us in what we think Survival should have been, with more to do and more to see than ever before! We have levelled mobs, custom loot, player advancement, natural flying, the possibilities are endless!

Creative -

Choose from classic Plots, MegaPlots, Freebuild, Terrain Plots and the new Terrain Freebuild.
You've never been more free to build on a server! With so much to choose from, let your creativity run wild and build monuments on Matecraft Creative.
Featuring Builder & BuilderX ranks, which include WorldEdit access and more.
BuildBattles coming soon.

Skyblock [Also featuring Skygrid] -

Play alone, with a friend or with a large group of friends on Matecraft Skyblock, with some awesome, unique features.
Matecraft Skyblock sets itself apart from others with a host of unique features you won't see on Skyblock servers elsewhere.
Also featuring Skygrid!

Enchanted -

A difficult survival experience.
Sporting a mix of MMO, RPG & even modded aspects including Kingdoms, Vampirism, Werewolves, Magic, Player Stats and lots more.
Enchanted aims to be the most varied and feature packed server possible, without the player having to do anything extra like downloading mods. Receiving constant updates and additions, Enchanted is forever growing, changing & evolving, and it's bringing you along for the ride.

Equinox Online - [Requires Equinox Modpack]

Equinox Online

Built off the Direwolf20 1.10 FTB Pack as a base, Equinox has been designed and tested to add back many things we believed were missing from the pack, as well as adding many quality of life improvement mods both client and server side to aid in performance and add more content for the player.
Featuring many fan favourites such as Thermal Foundation, RFTools, Tinkers Construct and Industrial Craft, all the way to Ars Magica, Botania, Mystical Agriculture and Forestry, with everything in between.
Receiving frequent updates and support, Equinox strives to be one of the best and most varied out-of-the-box modded Minecraft experiences anyone can have, casual player and server owner alike.

This is a dedicated 24/7 lag-free server network.
Supports Minecraft clients 1.7.x - 1.12.x
Primarily English speaking but we do our best to accommodate others.

Owner user-11206519
Location CANADA
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.12
Platform Desktop
Tags Creative FTB McMMO PvE Roleplay Skyblock Survival RPG Magic
Plugins Essentials Chest Shop CoreProtect mcMMO Land Claim / Plots