Play Minecraft As It Should Be Played! Unmodified and Simplified!

Small Description:

Simplex is a semi-vanilla server made for players who are seeking to play Minecraft in the most genuine way possible; free from the modifications that take away from the true multiplayer Minecraft experience. In Simplex, you must build, survive, suffer or prosper all by yourself. There’s no shops, plugins, or modifications which will take-away from the brutality of vanilla survival. Only ones which will prevent the theft and grief of your creations and keep lag to an absolute minimum.


The Server Spawn is small, yet simple and to the point. It contains only vital information so as not to overwhelm you with an unnecessary amount of pointless signs and buildings. Its intention is to welcome you, not bore you. To begin building just walk 150 blocks from spawn!


The ranking system does not require you to donate to the server, instead it is based on the number of times you vote for the server. This way, everyone has the same opportunity and potential to rank up as any other player. You will receive in-game rewards for voting as well as more sethomes as you climb the ladder.


* GriefPrevention – To prevent grief and theft

* Essentials – For basic commands such as /home and /spawn

* NoCheat+ - To Prevent Hacking

* AntiXray – To Prevent Xrayers

* EntityWatch – To cut down excessive amounts of entities (Increases Performance)

* LogBlock – Used to rollback griefing or stolen items in the case you forget to claim your land


1. No Griefing or Stealing

2. No Advertising

3. Do Not Spam (In any way or form)

4. Be Respectful to Everyone

5. No Cheating or Hacking of any kind

6. Do Not Build Large Mob/Lag Machines

7. Do Not Attempt to Kill Other Players (Outside the PvP Arena)

8. Do Not Build Or Claim Near Other Players

9. Fill In Holes Caused By Creeper Explosions



Discord Voice Server:

Owner Meehan_miner
Location CANADA
Content Rating All-ages
Version Other
Platform Desktop
Tags PvE Survival Vanilla
Plugins Essentials Grief Prevention