Arisen Kingdom

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Arisen Kingdom is an RPG survival based server. There are three server based towns which are called, Adraywiel, Wynthrall, and Orion. Adraywiel is the neutral town which has an alliance with both Wynthrall and Orion. Wynthrall and Orion are the rival towns. Players can join the server based towns to help expand their empire by creating their own and joining forces with whichever server based town you join or players have the opportunity to create their own towns without joining the server based towns and expand their very own empire. Within these server based towns there will be a capital. Within the capital it will have player markets, shops, auctions, trading, community storage, and much more. As players make their own towns and join forces with the server based ones their objective is to try to build the empires up to compete with their rival town. The bigger the town, the bigger the empire will be. There will also be clans! With these clans you will be put into which rival town you choose or if you choose to stay neutral and also put into your own town clan. Further down the line clans can go on raids. There will be a custom made plugin in the future for raids, dungeons, boss creations, and mob spawns. Players will have the ability to choose classes such as mage, warrior, etc.

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Bree (GoneSovereign)



Mike (mikedmd)






David (Deltapuzzle)



Casey (CaseyS260)

Denver (DenverC)



Robert (LuciferDiabolous)



Allie (Allie_leone)


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Respect others, (Staff, Players, Etc.)
No excessive use of swearing.

No use of malicious mods.
Shaders / Optifine are fine.
If you are unsure of a mod ask staff.

Do not spam / advertise
This includes spamming tickets, chat, etc.
Keep self advertising to a minimum / none.
Use English only in general chat.
No role-playing in general chat.
Role-playing must be in a chat channel.

No Griefing or stealing.
You are not allowed to grief/steal unless you are in an area that allows it.
Do not build inappropriate structures, This includes excessive redstone structures, profane structures, and anti afk devices.
No entity spam
No intentional server disruption

Do not ask for or abuse special privileges.
Do not ask for staff, Ranks, items, etc.

Avoiding Punishments = increased severity
This include using alts to avoid bans, jail time, mute, etc.

We have a wide range of plugins and plugins that are custom made by our Dev. The plugins we use are to make sure your builds are protected, protect the server, and cosmetic perks to make your time on the server more enjoyable. Below is a list of some of the plugins we have:

CoreProtect - CoreProtect is a fast, efficient block logging plugin that allows the staff members to rollback any damage to your build or restore builds.

GraveYARD - GraveYARD is a custom plugin made especially for Arisen Kingdom. When you die you will respawn by the nearest graveyard.

Herochat - Herochat is our chat plugin. With this plugin it allows you to create chat channels which we use for Staff Chat and our Role-play Chat.

Heroes - Heroes is a plugin that is just like McMMO but much better! With this plugin, this is where most of your player perks will come from. This plugin lets you pick classes where it offers a new style of PvP with a well-developed skill system.

LibsDisguises - LibsDisguises is a cosmetic plugin where it lets you disguise as Minecraft mobs.

Donations keep the server running and allow us to buy plugins and pay for server hosting. You get a lot of cool perks if you donate! If you wish to donate click here.

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Owner k_poe
Content Rating All-ages
Version 1.11
Platform Desktop
Tags Creative Economy Factions McMMO PvP Roleplay Survival RPG
Plugins Chest Shop Citizens mcMMO Land Claim / Plots Heroes