Fresh Reset as of 5 November 2017


Server Name: Volitank
Server Address: Volitank.com
Game Version: 1.12.2
Server Locale: Columbus, Ohio
Plugins: MCMMO, Factions, ClearLag, CombatLog
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/M3QHQf6.
Website: Volitank.com


[1] No Verbal abuse or harassment.

Don't ask for special permissions or to be modded.

Don't spawn kill new players.

NO Racism.

NO cheating. This includes Xray. There will be no warning, you will be banned.

Do not grief a faction you're a member of.

Do not burn down forests. Keep the landscape pretty.

Alts are not allowed. They will be banned upon discovery.

Don't sell your faction supplies without consent of the Leader or majority.

No AFK fishing, and no using pools or anything to get around going AFK.

Don't let people kill you for the bounty. This will result in both of your balances reset.




Unlike most faction servers, Volitank does not give advanced kits or fancy donation ranks. Think of it more like a survival PVP server with Factions. Not an OP factions server

You shall receive a set of stone tools upon joining. Use them wisely, as there are no kits on the server beyond what you get when you first join.

Volitank has a shop by where you spawn in. Only basic Items are here. Each player has their own shop. The commands for playershops are accessed with /ps. Plebs get 1 shop row, Gladiators 2, Praetors 3. You rank up by voting for the server.

Voting for the server will grant you 2 diamonds. There are 3 places you can vote and they can be found on the website or by typing /vote in game. 20 total votes gives you the ability to set 2 homes and 2 playershop rows. 40 total give you 3 homes and 3 playershop rows. 70 4 homes 4 shop rows, 100 5 homes 5 shop rows, 120 6 homes 6 playershop rows and access to /workbench and /hat. 

The only game changing plugins currently are Factions, mcMMO, and CombatLog. Factions allows you to build or join a kingdom to better protect you or destroy your foes. mcMMO gives skill levels to reward players who are committed to Volitank. Deaths are also punished as you lose 5% of your skill levels upon death. Players can steal 5% of someones skills when they kill them. With CombatLog you are tagged for combat upon hitting or getting hit by another player. If you are tagged for combat and you log out you will instantly die. 

This is a very simple server and is driven by the community. If enough players feel a certain feature should be enacted then that is what happens. I believe this is the best way for server growth. We hope you can find a place in our small community, and that you find great enjoyment from this server. Thanks for reading.

Address volitank.com
Owner Volitank
Website volitank.com
Content Rating 18+
Version 1.12
Platform Desktop
Tags Anarchy Creative Factions McMMO Prison PvE PvP Raiding Survival Vanilla
Plugins Essentials Multiverse mcMMO Factions BungeeCord