Riven's Oasis - Creative

Riven's Oasis - Creative 
Owned by IIRivenII, former co-owner and head of staff at CreativeCraft
Owned by NikkiNgyuen, former head of staff at CreativeCraft

• 101x101 plotworld with free /p merge
• FREE WorldEdit - you don't have to vote for basic WorldEdit functionality!
• Vote on 6 voting lists for FULL WORLDEDIT for 48 hours!
• Vote to get /nick! No donation necessary!
• Pets, Disguises, Trails, misc cosmetics all available free of charge!
• If it sounds too good to be true, it actually isn't. There's zero catches. You get all that for free.

• We do not accept donations, and we don't want money. At all.
• But how does Riven and Nikki finance this server if these features that are usually paid features on other servers are free? By keeping the slots limited. We don't plan on offering more than 80 slots. My mission is to create a different creative server, one where everyone has access to nearly every feature - that is usually restricted to people that donate on other servers - for free. If you support Riven's Oasis, vote for this server every day and go tell Riven to study harder so she can make more money to expand the server someday. We truly don't need money from anyone.
• I also have a whitelist-only modded creative, goto for more information.

• For server admins, Riven has a WIP permissions listing for many popular plugins as well as a guide on how to start a server. It's gonna be long, but thoughtful and useful, and should be finished by the end of the year.

Owner IIRivenII
Content Rating Teen
Version 1.10
Platform Desktop
Tags Creative