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     We get it, we really do. You're tired of Minecraft aren't you? The endless server hopping. The pay to win "OP" servers, the endless amount of "networks" being set up by 12 year olds that are too invested in daddy's credit card, Minecraft really just doesn't feel like Minecraft anymore does it?

     Whoever you are, wherever you came from. Thank your lucky stars that you've found us because we're also tired of all the garbage, we too, miss the nostalgia of loading up your first singleplayer world back in inf dev, alpha, beta, whichever era you come from.

     Again, let me welcome you to Bastion MC where our motto is that we're the "Last Bastion in Gaming" and more specifically in Minecraft. We aim to offer you that old feeling of playing Minecraft in a community where players interact with one another on the basis of trust and friendship. While there is PvP, it's only there to enhance the feeling of survival and vanilla Minecraft. We aren't "insert ridiculous giant server name here" we're simply a small scale Survival Minecraft Server put together by people like you, who just want to play the game the way it was meant to be played.

     BastionMC is the final product of my 5 years of playing Minecraft. Everything that I've ever learned, experienced, or felt while playing this game has been poured into this server to give you the best possible playing experience we can create. Along with the help of Cbfstudios, another long time Minecraft player and fan, we've pooled our knowledge together to take all the best aspects of modded Minecraft and put the bits we enjoy, and we think you'll enjoy, into a server based in vanilla Minecraft.

     From our keyboards to yours, I present to you, player, Bastion MC.

~ Final



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Last Update Apr 19, 2018
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