Wednesday With Sach: What Is Minecraft, and What About...


Yea, yea, I know it's not Saturday.

Minecraft - it's a word that immediately brings a number of images to mind. Dirt houses to massive scale structures of real (or imagined) places, small groups of friends to huge multi-event servers, building, destroying, helping, griefing. Creepers. Myriad mods. Videos, livestream shows, and series that are almost beyond counting.

Many talented people have made (and continue to make) incredible things within, and around, the game: complex mods which can add every conceivable customization, videos that range from hilarious musical parodies to in-depth play sessions and tutorials, adventure maps and texture packs which demonstrate mind-blowing levels of creativity, and so much more. Recently, this got me to thinking - what is Minecraft to different people? Is it just an open-ended sandbox? A tool to express an idea? A game engine itself, that lets the builder decide what the rules are?

Rather than ponder over this alone, I thought I'd ask you guys the question directly: What is Minecraft to you? What do you do in it? What are some of the best parts of it, or parts you think could be different?


Of course, this is a broad question, and one without a wrong answer. In a game without clear objectives, I'm not sure anyone can say with certainty that a specific way of playing isn't right. Even among people who play the game in a similar fashion, there are countless variations in what each person considers "fun".


In addition to the above question, I had an idea that could use your input: How would you feel about interviews with notable community members? I'd like to ask Youtubers, modders, livestreamers, artists - nearly any creative person - questions about what it's like doing what they do. Over the years, I've heard some pretty crazy speculations from players about what Youtubers do, or how "easy" modding is (it isn't), or things to that effect. Would you guys like to hear from these people first-hand, what it's like to do what they do? Let me know below!


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