Goat Simulator in Minecraft?!

Have you played (or seen) Goat Simulator? Of course you have! You're a savvy internet dweller, and know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Goats. Smashing things. Running. Basically, being a goat and/or possibly a highly elaborate April Fool's prank. Goat Simulator!

has devised an incredibly clever way for you to become a goat, in Minecraft! Okay, less of a goat, more of a sheep, but the end-result is basically the same - run into things at high speed, sending blocks, chests, and everything else sailing off into the distance! Cause chaos! Grief as a farm animal! Weee!

In this video, Mhykol and I help Seth test out this latest crazy invention. Want to play it yourself? Join on "us.playmindcrack.com", then head to the museum!


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