An April Apology

We here at the Minecraft Forum take Minecraft very seriously. We are serious about our community, we are serious about our forum, we are serious about our favorite game. We are seriously sorry for not being more serious on this seriously normal day. To make up for this sub-par attempt at puerile humor, we will immediately make amends with the following changes to the forum:

  • Sacheverell will only post news about game updates
  • All sections of the forum will have the prefix "serious" attached, to show our commitment to seriousness
  • Forum moderators will now have a minimum quota of infractions per day to give out (meaning, they will have to give out infractions to stay above the minimum limit), to demonstrate seriousness
  • Forum admins will now have a minimum quota of bans per day
  • The following actions are now infraction-worthy:
    • Misspelling words
    • Incorrect grammar
    • Whimsy
    • Fun
    • Jokes
    • Talking about games other than Minecraft
    • Complaining about the new policies
    • Making fun of anything
    • Embedded videos
    • Creating new threads
    • Posting in existing threads
    • Correct spelling
  • Cats will no longer be discussed in any section of the forum

We know these changes - which are in line with our vision of the perfect forum - will please 100% of our users. We are committed to making sure every single person is satisfied, and we will not stop changing things around until this goal is met.

Also, enjoy your villagers.


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