Minecraft No Longer Officially Working With Oculus Rift

Plans that were in the works for Minecraft to have an Oculus Rift-supported version have now ground to a halt, following Oculus Rift's confirmed buyout by social media giant, Facebook. Markus "Notch" Persson wasn't shy about expressing his thoughts on the matter, saying that Facebook creeps him out, and would not be working with them any time soon. He went on to say that he felt Facebook - while excellent pioneers of social networking - were not good for a device he hoped to see grow in the gaming world, having little background in the field of game design.

Quote from Notch »
Don’t get me wrong, VR is not bad for social. In fact, I think social could become one of the biggest applications of (Oculus Rift). Being able to sit in a virtual living room and see your friend’s avatar? Business meetings? Virtual cinemas where you feel like you’re actually watching the movie with your friend who is seven time zones away?

But I don’t want to work with social, I want to work with games.

Notch was a strong early supporter of the Oculus Rift, donating $10,000 towards the project's Kickstarter, and personally flying out to meet the Oculus team, to discuss the device, and potential development ideas for its future.

While Oculus support is off the table, a number of competitors have been surfacing in the VR industry of late, any of which may be viable alternatives for Minecrafters eager to see a fully immersive version of the game.

While no official plans to support Oculus currently exist, there is a working (with version 1.6.2) mod that is currently available to the public, called Minecrift, which boasts a number of support features for Oculus users.


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