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One of the coolest things about Minecraft is how diverse it is as a game, and just how much you can do with it. Servers in particular have created numerous game modes for players to enjoy, from prisons to PvP games, many of which require nothing more than joining and playing, without any downloads. Today, we take a look at something a little different from the norm - outer space.

Specifically, StarQuest, which allows you to build and fly your very own spaceship between worlds, collect resources, and even battle other players in their ships! Among other things, StarQuest features:

  • Spaceships Custom designed and built by you, the player
  • Ranks Work your way up through our two-tracked rank structure and unlock new and more powerful classes of starship
  • Planets Explore and colonize 8 incredible custom-generated planet-worlds
  • Space Combat Use our spaceship cannons to have space battles
  • Grief/Raid Attack and raid other peoples' spaceships Bases can be protected with worldguard, and towns can be protected with Towny
  • Advanced Machinery Use new and incredible technology to automate things in your base Minecraft in the 21st century
  • No Client Mods Required You can connect with a completely standard 1.7.2 minecraft client. All of the modification is done on the server side, so that you don't have to
  • Planet-Specific Resources No one planet will have everything you need. Trade with players on other planets or visit other planets yourself to get items you want.
  • Economy Gather materials and sell them to the merchantmen at spawn to make money to rank up
  • Factions and Towns- Group together with your friends to make an awesome Colony, or get some pirates together to make a Faction. Ally several colonies together to make a nation and try to dominate the world
  • Custom Plugins- I coded over 20 custom plugins to make this system work Unique to our server

Also, they have a working, real-time star map, that shows you, other players, planets, asteroids, and whatever else might be in space!

I've not found many sci-fi or space-themed servers in my travels, and this one not only qualifies, but is also weirdly addictive!



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