FTB and CurseForge: Partners in Modding

The lead of the Feed-The-Beast team and the lead of the Forge API have announced a partnership with Curse and CurseForge as the official hosting platform for Forge mods and FTB Mod Packs, as well as integrating FTB packs, mod installation, and mod pack creation into a new version of the Curse Client!

Quote from Slowpoke »
This is a short post that is being made in order to announce that an agreement has been reached to form a partnership between Minecraft Forge, FTB and Curse. The main focus of this deal will be for members of all teams to come together to continue to develop CurseForge into a platform designed to become the number one place for the distribution of mods. It will also be the goal to develop and release a completely new mod installer under the Curse name that will tap into CurseForge.

Whilst this partnership will involve several major changes to both Forge and FTB, it should be noted that the ownership of Forge and FTB will remain in their current hands. Having said that, there are several changes that affect both communities that we wish to make in order to help facilitate the main goals of our objective.

Read the full writeup by clicking here!


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