Have You Played on Hypixel Server?

Server hosting powerhouse Multiplay is well known for their Minecraft servers, and have recently joined forces with another powerhouse in server entertainment, Hypixel! With ten different game modes to choose from - including Bow Spleef, TNT Run, VampireZ, Quakecraft, Survival Blitz, Walls (and MegaWalls), and more - the Hypixel Server can host up to 15 thousand players at once! Add to that some nifty holiday-themed surprises coming very soon (which I can't reveal just yet...), there is something for everyone!

Even better, you can bring your friends along, and party up, so you always play in the same games with your friends. Not sure if your friends are online? "Friend" them, so you see when they join and leave, and so you can send and receive messages to each other! Click the banner above to visit the Hypixel Server, for the server address, game info, and more!


Multiplay hosts servers for a number of games, soon to include the recently released "Starbound". Be sure to check them out for all your server needs!

Additionally, feel free to drop by our Starbound wiki for a look at this neat new game!


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