Minecraft Pocket Edition: Android Beta Program Signups

Interested in signing up for Pocket Edition beta testing on your Android device? Now is the time to start signing up for it! Mojang is looking for good beta testers, and you can apply!

Quote from Mojang »
Today, we’re launching a beta for Minecraft Pocket Edition that’s open to anyone who’s bought the game through Google Play on an Android device. You’ll be able to help with testing and give feedback about new features in future versions of Pocket Edition.

To join the beta program, apply to the Minecraft PE Test Group and follow the instructions listed there. Your app will still be updated with the final version of Pocket Edition whether you’re in the beta or not, so don’t worry if you want to quit the beta later down the line.

While playing a beta release, it will not be compatible with current version of Pocket Edition. If you go from a beta version back to a final version, the world may be corrupted. Beta version worlds will always work with the final release.

We’re hoping to get the 0.8.0 version out before Christmas.

It's no secret that many players have been anxious to get their hands on an Android version of Pocket Edition, and the beta signup certainly points to a release on the popular handheld device in the near future. Awesome!


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