Community Creations - Minetroid (a Metroid Resource Pack)

Do you love the Metroid series of games? I know I do. Metroid has a long history spanning numerous platforms, and has everything a person could want - outer space, bounty hunting, aliens, and bounty-hunting aliens in outer space.

DrTizzle apparently felt the same way, because he has compiled an incredibly diverse resource pack, using the Metroid theme! Textures, sound effects, music, art, customized HUDs, monsters, and so much more! Hunt Ender Ridley! Get help from Chozo villagers (or don't)! Enjoy the music!

Custom Metroid HUDs! :D

If you want to check out this awesome resource pack for yourself, click here! Bear in mind that the pack is currently up to 1.6.2, so some 1.7 resources might not be modified. Enjoy!


If you are interested in the upcoming "Titanfall" game, be sure to check out the official Titanfall wiki!


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