Minecon 2013: Day One

The first day of Minecon was crazy!

After a really awesome opening ceremony, a multitude of awesome panels and events began almost immediately. Early in the day, con-goers got to hear (and talk to) livestreamers about playing Minecraft for large audiences, and BebopVox talked about the various steps of tackling huge projects, including (but not limited to) awesome Minecraft videos for YouTube!

Shortly afterward, there was a really cool panel on developing mods, which I had the privilege of moderating! That room easily had 1,100 people in it, and I was told later that four thousand more people were watching the livestream! The panel - which included heavy hitters like lazertester, dan200, pahimar, LexManos, Direwolf20, Kainzo, and more - was really neat to be a part of. The modders talked about the many challenges of developing mods from scratch, offered advice on where to start with modding (including programs to use, and to always finish your project before starting a new one), and so much more.

There were tons of panels afterward (including the absolutely packed-to-capacity "Meet and Greet" with SkyDoesMinecraft), many of which I wasn't able to attend. With so many neat events going on at once, it became a challenge to choose which one to go to next!

We will have some really awesome footage of the convention in the very near future, but if you would like to see video footage of the convention, you can always click here, to see livestreaming of the convention, as well as videos (both of livestreams, and local events) as they are uploaded! Tomorrow, I'll also be touching more on personal stories, the many neat people I've had the pleasure of meeting, and the future of Minecraft. See you tomorrow!


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