New CurseForge Store Launched

A notice for all of the Minecraft content authors out there. Yesterday we launched our new store! This is the first in a series of releases that will revamp the whole of CurseForge and all the sites powered by it. Through this we'll be modernizing the layout and style of the sites as well as addressing the long standing concerns many of our authors have had.

It's important to know that many actions related to points need to be completed from within the new store. Purchasing points, viewing your totals and history, as well as transferring points to other users. Project reward splits are still configured on the current site.

Above you'll see a nice screenshot of the general layout of the new store. We already have a list of improvements for the next iteration. You have my word that they'll be here soon, but please give us your feedback as well. We'd love to know what you guys think.

The new store can be found at As always, if you’d like to start a Minecraft mod project you are welcome to at, or you can start a Bukkit plugin project at Happy modding!


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