Saturday with Sach: My First Night


We don't talk enough, you and I.

Yes, I mean you! Let's face it, we all come here for the same thing (Minecraft stuff), and it's a pretty safe bet that we all like Minecraft stuff, right? With Minecon 2013 rapidly approaching, and the massive 1.7 update looming on the horizon, I thought I'd take a minute to look back on the history of Minecraft, and how it affected me personally.

I started playing this game back in 2010, right on the leading edge of the Alpha/Beta transition. Remember Minecraft back then? Quite a different game, wasn't it? The ability to throw eggs was a new thing. Tools were (until Beta 1.0) self-repairing, if you threw them on the ground. Tool-tips were brand new. There was even a brief period where . Hard to believe, right? Seems like an eternity since the days before beds, colored wool, and a million other things (both massive and minuscule) were added to our favorite game.


My first time in Minecraft was like many people's first time; wander aimlessly, try desperately to figure out what to do without any clear instructions, give up with that and start punching things until it makes sense, get wood from randomly punching a tree, and accidentally figuring out how to make my first tool. As I remember it, the first tool I accidentally made was a wooden shovel. Incredibly proud of this accomplishment, I named my shovel "Ted". Not the most useful first tool, but it would prove to be my saving grace later. What I wouldn't have given for item frames back then.

It was at this point where I started experimenting rather heavily with crafting. Doors are an easy thing to stumble across when spamming wood planks in the crafting table (which I also found by accident), so I excitedly made a fresh new door, still covered in scratches and dents from my pathetic attempts to craft it with a shovel. Now, what is a door without a home to put it on? Not yet savvy to house-building, I figured my only option was to put this masterpiece of entryway technology in the opening of a cave I'd been digging into for a good part of the day, with my splinter-prone pickaxe.

Then, night fell. Those of you around before beds were introduced know how this part goes. If you're already tired of reading, I'll cut to the chase and say there was a lot of screaming.


So yea, there was a lot of screaming. My first zombie visitors weren't as big a concern as other games had led me to believe they should be - none of them were running at me on fire, or screaming about brains, that I could tell - and Ted was sufficient for knocking them off the cliff-side I'd installed my masterpiece door into. Somewhere in my excited daytime tunneling, I'd forgotten about a cave system that I had opened up from my amateur room-carving expedition. Deep in the recesses of that horrible place spawned what would be a lifelong nemesis of mine, and no doubt many of the builders among you. Facing outward from my cave home, batting zombies off the cliff with Ted like some kind of crazed cricket player, I didn't notice the silent danger creeping up behind me. Even when it started hissing, the panic hadn't yet set in.

Then, suddenly, I was gone in an explosion. So was most of my cave. Worst of all, my masterpiece door got blown somewhere I couldn't reach, and it was lost forever.

Good thing I was able to find Ted. He was the real hero in the end.


I've been taking up a lot of space reliving my first terror-inducing night in Minecraft, but now, I want to hear YOUR story! What were your first memories of Minecraft? When did you first start playing? Can you remember your first night? Let's hear about it!


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