Snapshot 13w38a Ready For Testing!

Check out this informative video by the Dead Worker's Party, which shows off the awesome shaders currently in testing!

UPDATE Sept. 20: Snapshot 13w38c has been released to fix numerous graphical issues, crashes and item frame issues. The client is available in your launcher, and the server links are at the bottom of the page!

It's time for another weekly Snapshot! This batch of preview goodies is brought to you by...well, Mojang. There really wasn't anything witty to say there. Still need something witty before the patch notes? Alright, fine: elephants can't jump.

Right, let's see some patch notes!



Pretty exciting changes! What, you don't see them? That's because they're secret! See if you can find them all before tomorrow...


Cross-platform jar: Click here

Windows EXE: Click here

Report bugs here: Minecraft issue tracker


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