Been Using "/Summon" to Replace Blocks? Not For Long!

A number of mapmakers have been using the "/summon" command to swap out blocks, which was dependent on the odd properties of falling sand. However, it was recently revealed by Jeb that this was never intended to be used for block replacement, and that the delicate nature of the command makes it prone to breaking, especially during updates. However, using commands to replace blocks will, in turn, become much easier in the future.

It was recently revealed that the next Snapshot will have a "/setblock" command, using the following format:
  • /setblock x y z block data method dataTag

Jeb explains each of the above:

Quote from Jeb »
  • x y z are coordinates, can be relative using tilde, as usual
  • block is the block id (ofcourse), which in the future will be mod-safe (for example, instead of having the value 1, you can have "minecraft:stone")
  • data is the block data, 0-15 as normal
  • method is special and can have three values: replace, keep, destroy. "replace" will simply replace the current block, and throw an error message if nothing happened (occurs when the new block/data is identical to the old one). "keep" will only place the new block if the target space is empty, and "destroy" will first destroy the target block (and spawn resources) before placing the new block.
  • dataTag is the NBT tag were you put information for tile entities such as chests. For example, "{Items:[{id:"minecraft:potato",Count:2}]}", and so on.

So, in short, the ability to add, remove, replace, and otherwise affect blocks with commands will get its own special command set, instead of relying on an unrelated script which may or may not bug out block replacement in future updates. Pretty awesome stuff for you mapmakers out there!


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