MCX360: Mass-Effect Mash-up Now Available!

The Mass Effect Mash-Up pack is now live, and rolling out slowly to XBLA for download/purchase! It includes:
  • Mass Effect texture set
  • Mass Effect themed UI
  • 36 Mass Effect Skins
  • 22 music tracks from Mass Effect 3
  • Pre-built Mars Facility world

Pretty awesome! Keep in mind, the roll-out is not instantaneous, and it will continue to roll-out worldwide over the course of the day. The new packs are free to try, but you will need to purchase if you want to save any creations that you have made with it. Not sure where to get it? The Mash-Up is right in the Marketplace, alongside all the other awesome Minecraft goodies XBLA has on offer!

While the first pack is Mass Effect 3 themed, it is likely the first of many mash-up packs for Minecraft that bring different themes to the game. Keep an ear to the ground, and we will keep you updated on the latest packs!

Pricing: $3.99, £2.69 and 3.79 Euro


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